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  1. There is nothing wrong with the .rar file. I managed to extract all files with winrar. I mounted the DVD in Daemon Tools using the .iso file and installed the game without any problems. The .cue file is related to the "reservation gift" CD image file .img (I'm not sure what it adds to the game, but I mounted it using the .img file and installed it anyway). In order to install both DVD and CD I had to use AppLocale to run the .exe files.
  2. Thanks DeathMarine for the game! About this game: 1- It's an expansion, so you need AG3 installed in order to run it. 2- It's in Japanese 3- I didn't remove any mods , installed it, and it is running fine in my PC (Win-XP) The only difference is that now everything is back in Japanese and I have to use the new .exe file to run the game. I created new girls. They have new hair styles and new personalities. (again everything back in Japanese) Game play: 1- So far I've found 2 new locations: You can go to the school roof, and if you're walking towards the beach and take the right alley, you can go downtown. 2- Girls talk a lot, and sometimes they ask for a hug opening their arms. They now take the initiative ang give you a kiss. 3- I saw in the pics that there are new BJ and sex positions but I didn't manage to find how to get these. (If you know how to get those, please share with us!)
  3. Dolphin


    To Nekojita, You can try one more option: Let your pc settings on your home language (supposing it is not Japanese), and use Applocale to run "menu.exe". Install the game, use the no-dvd patch, then use Applocale to run "AVKING.exe". That's how I got it working fine on my pc. Questions: 1- I want to add some anal scenes in my AV. But according to the walkthrough I have to find the SM shop first. Does anyone know where it is? (Maybe it will only appear later in the game...) 2- I managed to make Miyako reach the needed skills in order to get the blow job scenes with cum in the mouth, but I cannot have these scenes in my AV because I need a level 10 of something (seems like how much she likes the guy or something) How do I increase that value? 3- I want to improve her performance power so I need to go to ??? (Thousand stars) but I cannot find it. Where is it? 4- I also want to improve her ??? (A Feeling) so I need to take her to the library, but I can only find the book store at the shopping center. Where is the library? Forget about questions 3 and 4 I figured it out. 3-In order to ??? (Thousand stars) to appear you need to go (during the day) to the AV office ???????? then choose the bottom option ??? then talk to the guy with glasses ??. During the night go to ??? (Two tongues). The next day go to the Shopping center ?????? then pick the upper option ??? (second hand book store). If it doesn't appear, repeat it all. 4-In order to get the ????? (library) as an option to go to, go to school during the day. eventually it will appear.
  4. Dolphin

    Mono Gokoro Mono Musu Me

    It looks like you haven't set your system language to Japanese. Voc
  5. Dolphin

    LOVERS koi ni ochi tara

    The toughest thing to get in this game is the "aphrodisiac", with it you can do whatever H-thing you want, many times, and Rie won't cry. In order to get it, you have to get the "love potion" first: Go to the recreation area and clear the "samurai game" then go to the game center and clear the "hammer the rat game" then go to the park and clear the "quiz game" (that's the hardest if you don't understand Japanese) then go to karaoke. Two weeks later visit the karaoke again and get the "Love Potion". Now go to the pub, clear the "drinking game" then go to the cult shop. Visit it again one week later and get the "Aphrodisiac". At the bar, clearing the "cocktail game" will give you the "abnormal sex" option during H-scenes. At the gallery, clear the "picture game" and you'll have the "3 point caress" option during H-scenes. At the street, clear the "black-jack game" and get the VHS tape and you'll see the only H-scene with Mayumi. Here's a link for a save file (slot2) with the quiz game cleared: Here's a link for a save file (slot10) with the aphrodisiac already in hand:
  6. Dolphin

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    I believe this error message is asking you to put the disc in the drive. Some no-cd/dvd patches require that you have no cd/dvd in your cd/dvd drive to work. So try to run the game WITHOUT mounting the image on daemon tools, and WITHOUT any cd/dvd in your cd/dvd drive.
  7. Dolphin

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    If you've made any mistakes when you tried to install the English Patch/Uncensor Patch, or if you want to install these patches following a dumb-proof guide, I uploaded the game patched files that are working perfectly in my computer. I have both, the English patch and the uncensor patch and they are working without a glitch in my PC. Just follow the guide within the .rar file and you'll be able to install both patches and remove them if you like. The only things required are: 1- That you know how to use a .rar file and 2- That you know how to drag and drop files between folders. Here's the link:
  8. Dolphin

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    That's right! Position 1 and 2 have the same color I think it's green, position 3 and 4 have another color, 5 and 6 another color, 7 and 8 another color. Each pair with the same color has a new sex animation with the girl controlling it (just follow the steps you mention above). So there are 4 more man/girl sex animations. Plus the girl masturbation.
  9. Dolphin

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    I think you're right, we should read the whole thread before posting. 46 pages are a lot discouraging thou. But I think we should go through this ordeal, after all we're getting these games we love so much for free. I want to say THANKS for all you guys who uploaded and keep seeding these games, I really appreciate it! (I also seed every download 'till I reach at least 1.4 ratio). I have just read all posts, I understand it's annoying to read the same question over and over again, but some guys are too stressed, there's no need to be extremely rude calling people 'moron', 'idiot', 'bitch' and other "nice" names. It's a universal rule in forums to treat people politely (not only in forums really, it's basic in good manners) I think a sticky called FAQ would be useful, so those common issues would be answered once and every time someone asked the same question they could be directed to that FAQ without being called names and all that unpleasant thing. It looks like there is still some confusion about it: There are 6 sex positions in the game (8 available [when you cleared a girl] with two options each [regular or anal])
  10. Dolphin

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    Have you guys seen this?: It would be a great add-on!
  11. Dolphin

    Yuki Hotaru 雪蛍

    Files: [HentaiShare].Yuki.Hotaru.CD1.rar [HentaiShare].Yuki.Hotaru.CD2.rar [HentaiShare].Yuki.Hotaru.nfo [H-S].Applocale.DeathMarine.rar file_id.diz HentaiShare (URL link) Yuki.Hotaru.Game.Save.rar Unrar [HentaiShare].Yuki.Hotaru.CD1.rar and [HentaiShare].Yuki.Hotaru.CD2.rar you'll will get YUKI HOTARU CD1.iso and YUKI HOTARU CD2.iso Mount YUKI HOTARU CD1.iso with Daemon Tools Use Applocale to run "Install.exe" that you find within YUKI HOTARU CD1 * * * Funny, it's not a 'Breach of rules' to upload "Yuki Hotaru" but it is to upload "????????" ( C'mon!... See:
  12. In order to solve the error message problem you need to make a change in your "RIO.INI" file: change AMMode=1 to AMMode=0.
  13. Do we have some options in this game, or it is more like a video like "Mahou No Shippona" and "Eden Final"?? It's just like "Eden Final".
  14. Dolphin

    Nursery Song

    Did you change your system language to Japanese? Or are you using Applocale? Sometimes it is a unicode problem (the system cannot read the Japanese characters that name a folder)
  15. I totally agree with you. I don't like big boobs, I despise absurdly huge boobs, and I abhor this kind of game. But if someone enjoys it, go and get it! It's just a game after all...