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  1. UltraMarine

    Ruin Arms Soul Eater

    nvm....i broke it again ; ; had japanese box with text i tried everything to get it to go ok but fail restarted the game back to black screen....sigh
  2. UltraMarine

    Ruin Arms Soul Eater

    WTF never mind, i have no idea why it started up just fin, i mounted the ISO file without unpacking (normal do that...dont I?) as soon as i unpacked and ran the exe file game started up just fin...well the good news i wanted to play the game so bad i translated the manual so now ill just jump right into it ^^)v
  3. UltraMarine

    Ruin Arms Soul Eater

    hmmm still trying to advance the game beyond the black screen....i swear ill figure this out...
  4. most of you maybe be too young to remember this but back in the day when we got our hentai and anime from "......" fawk i forget the name but it was when 30mins of anime or hentai was $30 on VHS. Holy fawking shit right?! Anyway so in truth it was only 25mins of what was going on and only two MAYBE three hentai sences if you was lucky. Unlike today's hentai such as Stringendo.My.Blow.Jober which tried to fit non-stop hentai sences like they was going for some kind of fawking record really setting the bar in this day in age. Anyway I digrece, so in my life time i bought this complete series 3 times in my life time the first time paying out over $200 and less and less after but it wasnt until much later in life that i found out the hentai i been buying though it was uncensered....had deleted sences O.O!!! WTF i thought, you mean the 25min hentai i was buying was in actualy close to 45mins. SON OF A BEACH!!! From that time on I never bought shit else from america when it came from Japan. Fawking assholes, I am posting to let you all know that this is the complete 100% all sences everything nothing taking away. I hope you can appresant what it means to watch something in its entirdy without having deleted sences to worry or torment you. So thank you very much Dizzy for releaseing this watching this brings back good memeries of a time when I stopped careing about bullshit terms like ripping and pirateing. Cock sucking mother fuckers should have release the stuff i bought completely and not deleted sences. I spent out over $2000 in hentai VHS but when I found out the truth....i was truly vengeful.
  5. UltraMarine


    re-seed request please <3
  6. UltraMarine


  7. UltraMarine


    lol i live breathe read japanese mode i dont think i ever take it off of it ever x.x guess this will really be my gaming laptop sooooo much sand everywhere o.o but anyway nope i cant tell what it is w000000t uploaded work Dizzy your awesome .jpg ftw
  8. UltraMarine


    tring to play with game on windows 7 after the patcher gives some wierd [1503] error message i post a screen shot but photo bucket fails i wonder if i could email it....anyway Dizzy plz help ; ; awesome well i tried attaching the file below said i dont have perrmission to upload this kind of file x.x Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file its a .dib ....have no idea why paint made it a .dib file
  9. UltraMarine


    i would also request a reseed....plz just for a day ; ;
  10. UltraMarine

    Stringendo My Blow Jober EP09 [ENG SUBS]

    Dizzy you make awesome jealous
  11. UltraMarine

    I You Lose You Get Fucked

    wwwwwwwwwwwww00000000000000000000000000t GreenTurtle thx, so i take it you totally no whats going on, i cant wait to find out whats been happening btw kicked that chicks ass im in the desert now.....ironicly enough ;>.>
  12. UltraMarine

    I You Lose You Get Fucked

    Damn Green Turtle, thats awesome im stuck on the Under Water Boss shes a btch. Um...theres like 3 parts that i notes that has a first choice 2 second stage 2 and the final one when your in the libary theres 3 choices......talk about a pain in the ass so i saved the game starting on the first part, as far as i can tell you piss off the prisit or whever or you piss off the Snake chick.....i have no idea whats going on in this game but the funnest thing is i remember day dreaming what would it be like to be able to go on a adventure with a Limba pretty badass if you ask me
  13. UltraMarine

    Anata Dake Konbanwa EP01-02 [ENG SUBS]

    would it be ok if someone could please reseed this. I got the 3rd esp but i never knew about the series till i finished dling the 3rd one. If its not too much trouble thank you very much ^^