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  1. aliceknight

    Angels Return To The Court EP01-02 [RAW]

    thank you very much! :sniffles:
  2. Oh.... another thing I can do is... Go and buy new computer... Just kidding but may be I should buy a new one before download this game again thanks for advice!
  3. I have upgrade my DirectX to 9.0C and update my graphic driver to the latest Version but nothing change... but thanks for your advice! Any Ideas?
  4. I've finished download thx for all seeders! but after I install the game and play it with Microsoft Applocale I found a problem! When I play this game till it become the scene that have a blue and red gauge. I can only see the polygon that I can see through not a body of a girl. My computer is Celeron 1.1 Ghz with 512 Ram and Asus A9250 128MB 3D Graphic. plz help me many thank in advance!
  5. THX DM anothernice game! PS.Thank for Ero for translation,also
  6. aliceknight

    Schoolmate すくぅ~るメイト

    Thx for help now I can play it but with another problem X( I use english interface and other stuff.When I play this game after I select the girl and play the prologue scene (I've select the second girl;I coulndn't remeber her name) after talk a bit the game was terminate and I got back to my desktop... Wht happening if it happen with the movie how can I Open up the FFDShow filter settings?
  7. aliceknight

    Schoolmate すくぅ~るメイト

    hello I'm a new here!! I download this for first game but I found an error it not a pop-up window but when I lunch the game The download window came up and a second after it's disappear and nothing happen.. How can I solve this problem Oh! My computer is Window XP with the Japaneses language and I've tried to use the english stuff (english interface etc.) but I found a same problem. thank you for all advise