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  1. Ragnoraku

    Marry X-mas HShare

    Marry X-mas to everyone here at HShare. Happy and Safe holidays.
  2. Ragnoraku


    I visit for games that i think are worth playing but I normally don't post anything unless I'm seeking help with a problem that I can't solve. I do get the emails for when stuff is posted.
  3. Ragnoraku

    Is HShare still going?

    This is all my personal Opinion. I would just swing away from torrents all together personally. Their has been so much cracking down on torrent websites that it's just too risky anymore to use torrents in my personal opinion. Not only that but if what Vox_Draconis saying is accurate "USA user myself so don't know anything about UK laws", Then dropping torrents all together might open the website up to more users cause they cant block the site for using torrents if you got no torrents so UK and other country users don't have to use a VPN all together, assuming they unblock the site, I'm not sure how all that and international laws and crap work out. On the direct downloads, I don't have a problem with using them. Just the fact that the site only uses 1 site, Rabid Files. If you offered Mirrors to other sites so we can download multiple files "Exp 1-Download Game 1, Game 2, Game 3 at same time. Exp 2-Download Parts 1, Parts 2, Parts 3 from the same game all at the same time." I mean if Rabid Files is paying you to only use their site and it pays for the Server and Ad free, I can live with downloading only 1 file at a time. I don't know how that all works so. As far as updating the site goes, adding the sub-section is all I really had... XD Updating and changing how stuff is not really my four-ta, shit my friends change their backgrounds once a month or sooner, i change mine maybe one a year... I hope more people jump on and comment, Been using this site for about 10+ years, been a member for ruffly 8 years give or take. Love this site dearly and want it to survive and thrive.
  4. Ragnoraku

    Is HShare still going?

    More then likely losing the torrents is what did most of the damage. Me personally I have found other websites that i bounce between mainly cause each website sticks to 1 or 2 primary download sites and being a Free member, it takes a while and you can only download 1 link and/or set MB amount at a time from said download site so I've found different websites that use different download sites so I can download more games, usually 2-3 at a time but I still return here and get email notifications as well. The website could probably use a updating, maybe re-arrange stuff and add in some sub-folders for like game types "Exp. Hentai Games Downloads-> Card Games, Fighting Games, Strategy, RPG" or even by company or studio.". Show some outward appearance that the site is still very much alive and well.