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  1. its all about the start-up menu...try to change the resolution.
  2. can anyone tell me what means those 3 (or 2 sometimes) text bars after a H-scene? Are they all the time the same, or the text is changing, but its who cant see the difference? as i understood, the first one gets u the normal underwear, the2nd one gives u another underwear, and after that no panties, and the third one... dont have any clue :D and there is another menu with only 2 text bars.... thats a mistery.. :| ive seen that there are 10 different levels at each girl, but ive only managed to unlock 8-7-9 lvls. any suggestion how to get them up to 10? and on short, what it the story about? ) its not to nice to play without knowing anything about that storyline , or about girls' 'desires'. twi, im counting on u )
  3. u just need to run directly the patch 02, and it will work. and no, u dont have to do the other girls, just to click carefully on 3rd's ass until she put her hands on it. and then stop, and cuff her. as twi said, try to touch only the ass, on both sides.
  4. try to touch her ass, and when she puts both her hands on it, cuff her(undress menu)
  5. except the saving issue...when it loads the first action scene, it gives me an error ( 'dont send' type) by the windows, and an in-game eror: the D3D has a non-zero reference count,meaning some objects were not released. first i thougth its because i didnt installed the DirectX that comes with the setup...after i installed it...same error... and about that translated menu, ive dwnled it, extracted it and replaced the old data.fpk with the new one, but there is no change at the game interface... can you help me?(one reason for asking help is because i dont understand a word from that language-japanesse i suppose)
  6. rassta_man

    Sexy Beach 3 Sexyビーチ3

    nice game, gg DM

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