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  1. shackal

    Des Blood 2

    Agent >>> try updating to SP2, and get .NET framework at least 2 version, it might be that you lack some codec ;/
  2. shackal


    Hey the game is just awesome, there very few that good prepared games as this. Um was trying to beat it on impossible mode >.< good luck :ninja: . That's why i made trainer (i strongly recommend to use only on impossible mode) TRAINER
  3. shackal


    um wanted to ask is there a agth code for this game (i know theres only few choices, but still cant predict what are they >.<)
  4. shackal


    whoa this looks very interesting, never saw that kind of game, thanky
  5. shackal


    the game is awesome, and sometimes kinda hard, i even encountered huge lvl boss on low lvl place, ofc it happens very rare. but the gameplay system is just unique.
  6. shackal

    Battle Raper バトルレイパー

    yay nice game, but so many people have not playing this :D , alright ill tell what i did, just same japanese regional as usual, and just make shortcut from original .exe so you can edit compability and set the windows98, after that it works flawles thanks for game ^^
  7. shackal


    oh goddie i played Des blood 3, it was amazing. Cant wait to play it
  8. shackal


    oh my oh my another sweet release hentai + strategy + rpg (as seein in ss) deeply thank you
  9. shackal


    thats hilarious i love those games, i mean only adv could be hell boring, but isert some action like here and vualia :blink: i will definetly lay down my hands on it, especialy when i got text hooker (now i really will understand somethin) a?i? = thank you
  10. shackal


    arghhhh FPS hentai oh man it looks rocky, thank you
  11. i remember that game, very nice one thought kinda hard sometimes but since it has nopanties i try it again thank you
  12. shackal

    Chikan Wa Hanzai 痴漢は犯罪

    in these moments im just glade to be in this community, and can enjoy top games
  13. another, of thousands, thanks for the coolest games
  14. shackal


    hmm i wonder why i didnt downloaded it before :D thank you