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  1. SweetFantasy

    Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3

    Hello guys, i'm sorry if this has been asked before but i hope you understand that i don't feel like flipping through 67 pages to see if someone already did. And search engines on forums plus myself don't mix well together. Trust me. I had a pc that ran this game fine, no problems. About a year ago i got a new pc, with Windows 7. From then on i never played AG3 anymore because since then the game just crashes all the time. For instance, when i start creation mode and i click on the new girl button, i hear the splash sound but the program crashes. And if i tried playing the game, it would crash often when i go to sleep. This makes me sad, i want to play it again... Before asking i tried applying the official patch but it still crashes. And yes, i have set my Pc so that it can run japanese games (region, fonts). Other Illusion games run fine. Any idea's?
  2. SweetFantasy

    Rapelay レイプレイ

    I meant Amazon in the US. Or were they talking about Amazon Japan? Vic, the first 15 min aren't much because that's just the first part, getting the women. After that you get a screen with various options, like what you want to do, in which location and which girl. This is where the game really starts. You have to do many positions in various locations to pass all the requirements such as oral or shame meaning you have to "replay" these scenes quite some times. Get it? Replay... Rapelay... Yes Illusion did think about that.
  3. SweetFantasy

    Rapelay レイプレイ

    I just clicked this topic again to see why it was still so high up in the 3d section. So, a planetary ban even. I smell a little overkill there hehe. Lucky for me i have the original game, ordered it from Japan years before all this controversy nonsense. Because that's what it is. How in the world did it end up on the Us amazon site at all?? It shouldn't have been there in the first place! And i was just about to D/L it for backup purposes when it got banned, so i wouldn't have to use the cd all the time -_- @Vic there is no expansion, but you could download plugins from the game website with premade scenario's for the editor. It is indeed as 07cbdj says. Pretty boring i assure you, i never bothered with it.
  4. SweetFantasy

    Artificial Girl 3 Plus 人工少女3 はんなり

    I hope someone knows about this. I've just gotten a wonderful new pc + Windows 7, and i have re-installed Ag3 and the extra disc. But i cannot select a higher res than 1024x768, its looks so bad! I could select higher previously on my old system. I have to run it in a window now to maintain texture sharpness. *edit* Haha silly me, because everything worked right out of the box it didn't occur to me to install drivers for my gfx card. Doh!
  5. Oh it's released already? Awesome i thought it was to be in January or so. Great news, placing my order in a moment.
  6. SweetFantasy

    @Home Mate @ふぉーむメイト

    I like the male character in this game, in previous Illusion games they either looked evil or stoned.
  7. SweetFantasy

    Rapelay レイプレイ

    *Edit* Oh noes the torrent is gone.