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  1. desperados


    Hello everyone, especially Dizzy and Dv. How are you guys doing? I must shamefully admit that ever since Hshare went dark for a while, I lost my habit of visiting the site on regular basis. So I am sorry for that. I am here to say hello to everyone, and offer my apology for my friends Dizzy and Dv. Hope you can forgive me and let talk to each other some more. Good day everyone.
  2. desperados

    Name of this hentai?

    Sorry to ask, but I don't know the name of this H -anime is? Can anyone help?
  3. desperados


    Wow, I have been away from the site for a long time (Sorry about that), so many things happen. Glad that both of you are alright, well, I do admire DeathMarine for his bravery. On the other hand, maybe it quite risky though.
  4. desperados


    It work fine with win 7, I have tried it myself.
  5. desperados

    this product is only for the inside of japan

    Sorry about that, I just copy the name from getchu but I never thought that it also hyperlink, I am so sorry about that.
  6. desperados

    this product is only for the inside of japan

    Sorry about being so vague. Actually, it's a game I've obtained from others site. Basically, it contains the NoDVD patch, problem is I cannot use the patch, if i cannot installing the game first. Unluckily, I only have the name of the game but I've forgot where I got it. Sorry about that. Here is it name:
  7. I am using WIndow 7, I have change my regional and language setting to Japan. However, when I try to install some games, it always have the panel with both English and Japanese says "this product is only for the inside of japan". Can anyone help me, please? Thank you.
  8. desperados


    Thank you DeathMarine, I will keep seeding as long as I can.
  9. desperados


    Can anyone reseed this game please?
  10. desperados


    Just curiosity, when I finding information about this game, I can see that one of them have like 3GB, the one in hshare is only about 1.9GB. Is there any different?
  11. Can anyone help me finding the game "Sweet Pleasure NS". This is the getchu link. thank you.
  12. desperados

    Status Update Aug 22 2011

    That's good to hear. Whenever I see my friend sad, I'm sad too. Wish that I can help you two more than just talk. Well, wish you best luck, Dizzy. You will always having me as your friend.
  13. desperados


    Thank you very much, DM.
  14. desperados


    Hi everyone, I have been absent for so long, I just got a 2nd job lately so I kinda busy, hope you guys can forgive me. Nice to see you again, Dizzy and Dv.