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  1. Botsuraku Reijyo RE188796 RJ188796

    Plus ensure you have the latest version of winrar.
  2. Rpg maker games not working?

    Ensure you have the latest RTP properly installed of the right version of RPG maker. (there are a few, like 2000, vx, vx ace or MV) . Your screenshot doesnt reveal much about the version, but i believe the white chess horse/unicorn icon points to 2000. Although the exe, file of the game should mention it more clearly. Just google for rpg maker (version) rtp and you should get a quick hit to enterbrains own website which host all RTP. (enterbrain is the developer of rpg maker.)
  3. Kami no Rhapsody

    DM stopped distribution by torrents because they are a pain to keep alive, especially keeping the number of games on this site in mind. You can download multiple parts at the same time though. You just have to wait till the 10 minutes pass. So you can get this game in like 7 hrs. Atleast this worked for me when i downloaded this a while back.
  4. .Genrin.No.Kishougun.2

    There is a recent repost of the game with direct download links. They always work. Torrents were used in the past, but with this amount of games on the site, and DM constant getting reseed requests had him decide to quit using them.
  5. Sexy GIRLS HUNT RE156085 RJ156085

    Thanks for te game DM. However im wondering about 1 thing. I the 3rd screenshot included it says you can choose between english and japanese for language. The game by default is Japanese. I cant seem to find the option te switch to english. Does this function truely exist? And if so, where can i find it?
  6. I've downloaded and played this game withou any issues. As it is a DDL that takes a while (5h for a 999MB part), you might want to take a look at your power saving/sleep mode settings. It might be your pc going to sleepmode and cutting off all connections.
  7. Kami no Rhapsody

    I totally agree. Eushully really has some nice games, but as far as i know only kamidori is fully translated. there are some partial translations around for the other games on nekohen though (Interface, items and machine dialogue mostly.) And do you mean with releasing all games we can see some other for hshare new eushully titles soon? I mean like Kami no rhapsody and madou Koukaku are. (The others were around as torrents before.)
  8. On the launcher you can change the settings to performance. Running full quality really is resource heavy. Also when the game hits a loading point (like a certain time) it tends to lag a bit. You can keep the loading time to a minimum by lowering the load amount of heroine/ mob at the same time sliders.
  9. Resort Boin EP01-03 English Subs

    Rabid Files link seems to be lost from EP03. After I enter the bot protection I get an http 404 missing page message. (multiple tries.)
  10. Whenever i try to install the game (running the startup.exe), the installer gets stuck quite fast. (just like 0,5 cm green bar, same spot each time). It only mentions 'failed to copy'.
  11. Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    Are you sure you are using the latest version of winRAR? You also get the broken archive message if your winRAR is too old. Downloading went okay for me, aside from the speed. No problems with running the files at all.
  12. It's related to DM getting tired of reseed requests on like pretty much every game. Thats why he decided to DDL everything as seeding isn't required for it. The downside are the downloadspeeds of the DDL provider. Unless you pay for premium you are stuck with a 50 kb/s download.
  13. It should be noted though the HF patch for this game is still in development, Already at this time there is an updated version out.
  14. The game in this topic is an expansion disc, which requires Artificial Girl 3 to be installed.
  15. You also need to run the game with applocale, installing the program won't do anything if you don't use it. Basicly seach for applocale in your start menu (or in the explorer if you run Windows 8). If you start it is asks which locale you want to run, select japanese. (it used to be the bot option, as each language is written in it own laguage, so japanese is written in japanese). Next it will ask which file you want to run, select the game intaller, AG3 play/make whatever you want to run.