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  1. Slavek666

    showing your "folder" to IRL friends?

    I have a large porn and hentai collection "folder". My girlfriend knows about it and I've shown her bits and pieces. Putting on porn or hentai while having sex is great, by the way. I would say that is a good thing that has come out of it. In general, though, she doesn't mind. I've offered to show her everything, but she's not really interested. She even knows I like lolicon. She understands that I am quite a pervert and that I have strange sexual interests. So, I dunno. She knows and has seen my collection, but it hasn't any significant negative or positive effects. Oh, I also show and trade from my collection with close friends who know what I am into. In fact, my best friend has similar interests and we talk and share hentai and porn often. It's just one of those things. Sex and sexual content isn't really very controversial for me or many of my friends.
  2. Slavek666

    Donating to Hshare

    If I wanted to donate at this point, where do I go?
  3. Slavek666

    Nuki Doki! EP 01 [ENG SUBS]

    This looks pretty cool. :3
  4. Slavek666

    Zettai Junshu EP01 [ENG SUBS]

    Thanks for this! Looks amazing. :3
  5. Slavek666

    I'm producing a Hentai :D

    That's quite a task, and I wish you loads of luck. I'd like to check it out when it's done. :D
  6. Slavek666

    Femboys/Traps in Hentai

    Fuck. The site kept giving me an error when I tried to post, and now it's made 4 different threads of the same topic. Could a mod or someone delete the others?
  7. Slavek666

    Femboys/Traps in Hentai

    Once again, I am looking for something. There has to be hentai with a decent focus on femboys/traps? I am not too sure how hard it is to find, or if there are any of them here on Hshare. If anyone knows of any, could you drop the titles here? If you have a link, that will be great too. Otherwise, I'll track it down myself. So far, I've only seen them in doujins and the like. Thanks for any help! ^_^
  8. Slavek666

    Diablo 3!!!

    Well, I am pretty sure most of us have played it at this point. My verdict: 7.5/10 It's a fun game to play. The recent updates have improved many of the annoying issues. The grind gets a bit ridiculous, but that's Blizzard. People will complain about it, and people will also hate it, but it is Diablo 3 nonetheless. It's not as great as Diablo 2, but I enjoyed it. I still hop in from time to time to mess around with builds and gear and do some runs. The visuals are spectacular as well. In short, not fantastic, but fun to play. P.S. Dialogue, cinematics and plot are horrible.
  9. Slavek666

    just a thought

    Can't you wait for more than a day to download? Or are you saying that you don't have enough space?
  10. Slavek666

    New look

    Colour doesn't really bother me too much. What I like about this is that things are neat and organized. This is always something that attracts me to the website. Not to mention, links, buttons and other shit actually works properly. So, well done! :3
  11. Slavek666

    Ahegao In Anime

    Can anyone else provide any good series?
  12. Slavek666

    Ahegao In Anime

    Okay. Links seem broken. Sorry about that. Just Image Google Search "ahegao", and remove the Safe Search option. Should give you a good idea.
  13. Slavek666

    Ahegao In Anime

    Hello again, everyone. So, this topic is about ahegao in hentai. Firstly, if you do not know what ahegao is, I will attempt to describe it as best I can. KnowYourMeme has given a very concise definition, which I have appropriated: The Ahegao, describing a female’s flushed breath/moaning in sex and her sexual excitement via her body language as a kind of lust-filled, overly exaggerated orgasmic expression, the eyes usually rolled up with teardrops/sweat at times, the mouth wide open with the tongue sticking out and blushing cheeks. So, basically, it is being fucked silly to the point of losing control of one's body, or at least, your face. Here are two examples (since I suck at image hosting, and Hshare rejected the one I tried to use, I am just going to give links to the pictures here. If this is incorrect, please let me know and I will take them down): Example 1: Example 2: Then, since I am not excessively familiar with all hentai and such things, could anyone point out hentai (or even eroge and manga) that contains scenes with ahegao? I would really appreciate it. Doesn't have to be available on, but bonus points if it is. I have made a poll as well! Do you find ahegao sexy? Obviously, my vote is a clear 'Yes!', because I think it is extremely hot. Seriously. So awesome. Also, general discussion on ahegao. What do you think? Why do you like it? Why don't you like it?