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  1. Lockhart

    Custom Maid 3D2 カスタムメイド3D2

    Thanks for the upload DM - looks like another great one
  2. Lockhart


    Here's a link for those who'd rather have a download instead: Reversible Download
  3. Lockhart


    Pudding, I'm not admin by any stretch but there was a hiccough in the site a few weeks ago and the link for this game was lost. Sadly, DeathMarine also lost it on his HDD so you'll need to get the torrent I posted if you want to download it - I'll be seeding it for a while so people who want the game can get it
  4. Lockhart


    Damned thing won't let me edit my post I will SEED this for as long as need be
  5. Lockhart


    DeathMarine, I downloaded it before everything went wonky - here's a torrent so we can add this one back to the available list. I'll leave this active for as long as need be - it's the least I can do for all you have given me Sir [HentaiShare].Reversible.torrent
  6. Lockhart

    Harem Mate ハーレムめいと

    Love this game.
  7. I have a question (possibly a dumb one) is there reason there's no torrent?
  8. To answer my own question - Yes. On the regional and language settings: Set format to Japanese - Check Set location to Japan - Check Set System Locale (under Admin tab) to Japanese - ....heh, oops Got it now though (it's been a while since I've danced this dance, I just forgot some of the steps)
  9. I am having similar problems. Autorun won't kick in and when I click on the autorun.exe the only buttons that will work are DirectX installation or Exiting. When I explore the disc and go in to select the Windows installer it fails (it cites Data1.cab). Am I doing something wrong?
  10. No, just the single - bt I got t on the fifth ttept so I guess wemay not. We just need to be persistant
  11. We may need a torrent- the DL keeps cutting out on me mid way through
  12. UPDATE Got it now, thanks DeathMarine I appreciate it
  13. Thanks Newb. Your advice has let me play with the one girl I've been dying to play with since I got the game - Selfie (I do so love the demon babes)