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  1. Quatre

    Sisters - The Last Day Of Summer

    Requesting seeder for this game... Been 'downloading' since 1 hour after release here...and I'm only up to 41%, the average speed is 30kB/s...Others that started downloading yesterday are done already... Please seed..
  2. Quatre

    Hard Love Life

    The highest version of K-lite you can use is 5.9 to play these games. Haven't tried CCCP though. I don't know why but anything higher than 5.9 does NOT work.
  3. Quatre

    I Love Yuu

    So yeah I got more games like these, they all did work. On Windows 7 64-bit. I don't understand why everyone says it doesn't work on 64-bit because it did for me. Now I'm on Window 7 32-bit (because of lack of RAM). Now since some time these games/animations stopped working...first of course on 64-bit. Then I recently installed 32-bit with a complete HDD swipe and they're still not working. And yes I'm using K-Lite (Full). Conclusion is that I think it might be because of a recent update of K-Lite. So I tested around with different versions and it seems version 6.x.x breaks the ability to play games like these. The best version you can use would be 5.9.0 [link]

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