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  1. slaan

    Thank you Hshare!

    so i got a new comp and gave my old one to my brother. as i went to transfer my collection from my external drive it got corrupted and i lost everything but thanks to you guys im nearly back in full swing thank you death marine and dizzy you guys are my fucking heros! and i love you both with mouth, toungue & tentacle!
  2. mmmm looks delicious....
  3. slaan

    Femboys/Traps in Hentai

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! if they are properly dressed up all the way and fully femenized im down all day long. hell even in real for me is beyond gender, but its deffinately femenine!
  4. i consider myself a connisure of tentacle porn and i collect all types, if you want tentacles + comedy, i think you want to check out Jiburiru the devil angel series, its fun for both genders with equal funny story action to tentacle porn goodness and it can easily be found here on site with subs and uncensored
  5. slaan

    hentai music videos

    lol thanks ^.^
  6. slaan

    Come say hi!!

    welcome to Hshare! my fave torrent site, the one place where i always manage to find what im looking for :D
  7. slaan

    D-Fantasy 2

    big thanks, ive been waiting for this one!
  8. slaan

    hentai music videos

    hello everyone, i'm currently in the HMV circuit of making hentai music videos. now there have been alot of us posting our work on 4chan and we have collectively put up a pretty damn good list of significant size and varied music and content. id like to share some of my work here, ive posted a similar thread a few months back and thought id give it another go my main folder: here are my favorite videos of the ones i have made: (tentacles) (consentacles) (electronic music) (dark elves) (gang bangs) (orcs) (electronic music) (female teachers) (swim suits) (threesome) (ambient music) (3d) (pop music) and now my two favs from other editors (game animations) (futanari) (pop-rock music) (various video sources)(rock music)
  9. slaan

    New look

    i really like how it is now, nicely fits my browser and windows theme.
  10. as usual thanks a million, yours and DM's hard work is always much apreciated
  11. im happy with the quality to size difference as it is
  12. oooh a longer version of this?? how tempting! il look into this matter! and yes please do check them out! and if ya like them i am always looking for new vds and music to work with so im very open to suggestions. i reccomend watching tentacular asagi succubi's delight princess 69'er those seem to have gotten to most positive feed back so far.
  13. slaan

    Must-play H Games

    "pretty warrior may cry" is a good game available on site, has all kinds of monster, tentacles, bondage, straight, beast etc also has english patch other than that not many have struck me as a " must play H-game"