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  1. Do You Spend Too Much Time Online?

    Online 17/7 basically 7hrs sleeps and tadah~~!! online again
  2. What You Look For When Watching Hentai

    Story...... ^__^
  3. Your Smartphone Is Spying On You

    i dont have that kind of phone but its scary..... i only have nokia 3310 one of my favorite.
  4. Mobile Porn: Hentai On The Go?

    I put porn/hentai on most of my gadgets.. cellphone, psp laptop etc etc... doesnt bother me one bit cuz its my life i dont care what ppl says. Doesnt mean your into this stuff means your crazy fucking lunatic pervert whatsoever. as long as your happy on what you do and you dont hurt anybody... porn is for age 18 and above only lol lol lol. Seriously Porn should be watch privately or at home.
  5. ohhh looks juicy~~!! :blush: Thanks For Sharing Mrs Dizzy. OffTopic Nice Siggy "this place sucks" chuck norris... ohh i miss the guy. sigh..
  6. Peer Blocker & Btguard

    ohhh scary....indeed but it wont stop me for DL what i want ehehehe... More Power to torrent sharing weee~~!!!

    ohhh ok now i understand....scary stuff huh....
  8. Inbo EP01-03 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    Your Awesome~~!! More Power to Hshare and Hentaianimedownloads.
  9. Reipu Reipu Reipu EP01-03 [ENG SUBS]

    O.o..................oh my :blush:
  10. Inbo EP01-03 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

    Its like everyday there's something new to DL here >.< i havent finish my 37 list of Hanime and a new one comes up hihihi well might as well put this to my List. Thanks For Sharing Mrs Dizzy.
  11. Mouse EP01-12 [ENG SUBS] [ECCHI]

    Looks interesting..... might as well try to watch and DL. Thanks For Sharing Mrs Dizzy.
  12. Looking for a game

    Rapelay Oppai Slider A-ga Artificial Girl School Mate Those are the Game i can recomend for you. Its good easy to install and doesnt require huge system requirements. Still good. but sexy beach is awesome~~!
  13. Peer Blocker & Btguard

    Well i dont know whats the license stuff if but all i download is movies , games , hentai , mostly everything i need. came from torrents.
  14. Obligation H EP02 [RAW] [3D]

    THE TIME FOR DOWNLADING HAS BEGUN AGAIN~~!! I MISS HSHARE hahah THanks For Sharing this one Mrs Dizzy.
  15. Peer Blocker & Btguard

    so i guess i wont upload stuff... better this way. Still i love torrent :D More TO DOWNLOAD~~~!!!