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  1. Joshi

    LEWDNESS Vita sexualis

    Thanks, can you provide DominancE?
  2. Joshi

    Marriage Blue

    Im only getting a black screen, any fix for this?
  3. Joshi

    Monmusu Quest 2 Update

    I think the translation is already complete its for download here can someone confirm?
  4. Joshi

    Touch The Boobies

    seed please
  5. Joshi

    Mono Gokoro Mono Musu Me

    seed please!
  6. Joshi

    Pachi Pachi

    seed plz
  7. Joshi

    Oppai Baka

    Seed plz im getting 12kb while downloading this
  8. Joshi

    Molester Train 01

    Thanks for seeding, i've already finished the download.
  9. Joshi

    2D VS 3D Which is better?

    I prefer to play 3D, but i rather watch 2D.
  10. Joshi

    Mobile Porn: Hentai On The Go?

    When i was in school i had some 30 porn clips just for fun.
  11. Joshi

    What's Important to You?

    This though there are some H-Anime with nice stories.
  12. Joshi


    One of my favorite H titles, i would rate it like this Story- 25(They should have gone with one of the H-Game routes Art- 55 Sound- 55 This is a must watch for any person who hasn't seen it,
  13. Joshi

    Honoo No Harama Se Tenkousei

    I was wondering, doesn't this have a anime adaption? Plz seed!!
  14. Joshi

    Molester Train 01

    Can someone please seed. Ty