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Found 3 results

  1. DeathMarine


    Doll Direct Download Download [] Doll.rar from Rabid Files Vague Game Description by White Masq: It’s another 3DCG fantasy/adventure. The kingdom has fallen under some bad times, for a madman has taken hold of the kingdom. The princess is even accused of destroying a church and is about to face the death penalty. A passerby assassin happens to show up just before her demise, recognizes who she is, and decides to help her out. Along the way of trying to set things right, the duo will come across a clockwork maid and a cat-girl.
  2. DeathMarine

    Eden 2

    Eden 2 Vague Game Description by White Masq: This is the second of the long-running Eden series. Over a month has passed since there was word from Erin’s team. They were ordered to investigate the alien ruins on the moons surface, but have not contacted anyone since. Now a rescue team is sent to find the missing party, but will what dwells within give the rescuers the same fate? Direct Download Download [] Eden 2.rar from Rabid Files
  3. Doll Ouroboros 1 DOLL〜ウロボロスに名を連ねる者〜 Vague Game Description by White Masq Wow, it took so long to find the elusive first Doll ~Ourobolos~ that I neglected to write up a brief synopsis for it until a month later! Anyways, as with the game's sequel; Ourobolos is based on an assassin named Noel. However, unlike the labyrinth setting, it appears to be more of a Castlevania setting (castles, vampires and what not). These castle walls are owned by a despotic earl who taxes the people so heavily that he's resorted to taking the villagers' daughters as payment. The neighboring country sees this squalor as a weakness in leadership and decides to invade the country. To make things flow easier, Noel was sent to take out the ruler nice and quickly. Turns out he's in for a little more than he bargained for. Direct Download Download [] Doll Ouroboros 1.rar from Rabid Files