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Found 912 results

  1. Genre: RPG, Hand Job, Blowjob, Outdoor Exposure, Tickling, Golden Shower Censorship: yes Language: Jap Size: 351 MB Download Game Here Mega -!j9thGTLQ!bTEH9WDEY9Q9DUJvjgbe1ldL7rvfB2wk948f9oah5q0 Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles -
  2. Title / タイトル: エロトラップNTRダンジョンZ Brand / ブランド: 肩こりです Release / 販売日: 2018/03/19 File size / ファイル容量: 35MB The two who swore love crown a nasty trapCan I escape the dungeon safely …? SynopsisHeroine · Mia and his boyfriend Ryan to give a wedding ceremonyTo go to the village of Ryan’s hometown.In order to make a shortcut it was supposed to go through the tunnel in the wayActually the tunnel was a terrible place …! ■ Game contentsI will proceed to avoid trapping the dungeons full of traps with two people.When you get into a trap, Miah will be in your eyes.Will it change to Miia ‘s situation … if it is too close to your eyes?And ending changes. ■ Character· MiaA genius who climbed up to the kingdom knight captain with impossible youth.He retired from the knight while being missed because he was married.Even though it is an innocent Loli face, the body is growing up on the contrary. RyanA young man without stupid things with stupid fucking with stupid fuck.Miya’s fiance. Mia is very popular but why this guyWhether it was elected is a mystery of the kingdom. · Everyone in the OrderAlmost no turn. · Everyone of the bandits(Depending on the route) to make a big success. Download Game Here Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles - Masiup - Mega -!jw0kTYwR!JYtU0zMxVn4LIpoxiJjbxwXFLo_iRARO_4dYZWZ98cQ
  3. The War Disorder Hexa Artist/Circle: ikebukuroDPC Language: Japanese Format: EXE Size: 217MB Download Game Here Mega -!CxM0UZSR!SYP6o9jqGMoV8xCnnfiUZRKeLzGX8D5sq1hHXfmThc0 Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles - Masiup - GoogleDrive -
  4. Genre: Pixel, Vanilla sex, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Swallow, Anal, Yuri, Futanari, Foot Fetish, Tentacles, Monsters Censorship: No Language: Eng Size: 189 MB (Cheats) at the main menu type "megabulgecode" to unlock all scenes in the gallery at the sprite gallery, press z to see the sex scene, escape to go back to creature select Download Game Here Mega -!Os8mBaYA!cqqZlwp2yfHqEYc4Gqucjpx7pbF5IXyZFL672smnUv4 Mirrorcreator - Suprafiles -
  5. Swords and magic. An age of violence and wonder. The benevolent gods of old felt abandoned by humans caught up in their own lives. Thus, gods abandoned humanity. The celestial realm was barren. Only spirits on the earth remained. To protect humanity the spirits gave their Powers to maidens of the shrine. These maidens were known as... ---Sacrificial Princesses--- ========== Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena- An RPG and ADV hybrid fantasy novel Feena wields the three Powers in battle... 1...... The Power of Death 2...... The Power of Charm 3...... The Power of Fusion Countless shames threaten her purity... * Spectacular r*pe by monster hordes and unsavory villagers * The pinpricks of sexual indignity, battle by battle, that degrade Feena over time * Dark caves full of enemies where you will go to save wailing captive women... * Sentinels who will publicly punish Feena if they catch her * Orc gangbangs, mating slimes, milkpump pixies, ruthless sex demons, tentacles, more... With subtle H events changes based on pose art Optional clothes changes, semi-permanent cumstains, etc. For example, click Feena's dildo-strapped avatar... Year of manufacture: 2014 Genre: jRPG, Female Heroine, Gangbang / Group, BDSM, Anal, Monsters, Oral, Titsjob, Clothes Changing, Queen / Princess, Fantasy, Violation, Outdoor Exposure, Interspecies Sex Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: Cat whiskers RADIO (猫 ひ げ ラ ジ </s>) Platform: PC / Windows Type of publication: Original (licensed) Tabletka: Not required Version: 1.07 Language of game: English System requirements: CPU Pentium 4; RAM 1GB; HDD 340MB Download Game Here Rabidfiles
  6. CreepzBlog

    Drain Dungeon 2 (JAP)

    Heya~ my cum-slave boy. Now, let's get right to business sucking your levels away~" One day, a man heads off to explore some ruins, but it turned out to be a den filled with succubus! He is caught and turned into their cum-slave by a special lewd curse. Every night he must bestow them his levels and writhe in agony from the pain of doing so. While being cum sucked dry by the succubi, for the sake of his younger sister in town, the man firms his resolve to remove the curse. Download Game Here DepFile -
  7. The protagonist's name is "Sora". She is a magical girl. Sora wakes up in an unfamiliar room. Surrounding her a a number of young looking girls. Sora ends up having to set foot in an eerie dungeon filled with aphrodisiac wielding monsters and sex hungry men. Download Game Here DepFile -
  8. Title: 魔道兵装マグテルス Bland: 火車工房 Release: 2015/12/12 File size: 101.8MB Genre: 女王様/お姫様 寝取られ 強制/無理矢理 輪姦 金髪 巨乳/爆乳 Information Download Game Here DepFile -
  9. CreepzBlog

    Drain Dungeon (JAP)

    When you leave this place you will return to Level 1. Since that's the case either way, won't you let us feed on your experience?" In a strange labyrinth that resets a heroes's level upon exit, you are offered a deal by a pretty life-draining vixen.In order to defeat a certain someone... They need to grow strong, and they need YOU to grow strong... so they can slurp your levels away. A prospect of pleasure... your answer is simple. Download Game Here DepFile -
  10. Genre: RPG, Female Heroine Only, Dirty Talk, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Outdoor Exposure, Blowjob, Anal Censorship: yes Language: Jap Size: 146 MB Download Game Here DepFile -
  11. Overview: An Orc village... Here there be abducted Human and Elven girls being relentlessly r*ped and impregnated by Orcs. A peaceful village living happily in peace. ... but, suddenly one day, that peace was shattered. The humans came and raided, ransacked and rescued! Killed the Orcs, burnt the village and destroyed everything. Deelo, an Orc that was off hunting Humans returns. Orc (Name: Deelo) "Funfunnfuuuun~~ Oiii, hey everyooone, I've brought back a girl~! Let's gangbang her tog..." The village was but a sea of flames. His comrades all killed, not even his father was spared... It was on this day, Deelo's furious tale of vengeance began. Features [Vengeance R*pe] Kill the husband before her eyes, then strike down his wife for a strangle f*ck. Mother and daughter on top of one another for a simultaneous r*pe! Elven dancer and sister of the faith, find where they are hiding and insta-r*pe!! Everyone will be inseminated, none spared from the punishment!! They will be forced to replace the Orcs they killed by birthing new ones! [Puzzle Solving] In the town there are various defensive traps created to ward off the Orcs. Disable them and find the humans to exact your revenge! If you find a girl, it's a perfect Insemination Chance! F*CK R*PE & VIOLATE! Then impregnate them to satiate your vengeful soul! Raise the flag of an Orcish revival over the pregnant bellies of conquest! Download Game Here DepFile -
  12. Visit Website - I Found The Full Version and Updated The Mirror and Removed the old Mirror If you have any issues please do not hesitate to let us know Enjoy and Download Game Here Updated - DepFile -
  13. Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Warrior, Cosplay, Group, Monsters, Virgin Censorship: yes Language: Jap Size: 267 Mb You need the RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP to run this game Download Game Here DepFile -
  14. Enjoy The Game Information: Download Game Here DepFile -
  15. Adult Porn-Game NFO Release date: 2013/01/30 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Monsters, Pregnant, Gangbang Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: bofubofu matto Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 Publication Type: Original (licensed) Tablet: Not required Language Game: English STORY: Girls struggle to escape is to bring the world’s game hero is suddenly different. I’m such elements as disparate-gangbang-fucking-bitch into prostitution, pregnancy. Screen: Yes ok The Name of the Game is Weird but This Game is Fucking!! Awesome! Download Game Here DepFile -
  16. Twin Quest -The Tale of Two Sisters- Artist/Circle: Amatsuchiya Language: English Format: EXE Size: 120MB Download Game Here DepFile -
  17. Genre: RPG, Bitch, Restraint, Tentacle, Ryona, Brutal Censorship: yes Language: Eng Size: 89 MB Download Game Here DepFile -
  18. Visit Website – DepFile -
  19. About this game: You are Rufus, a warrior in the army. You have found yourself hung over and stuck in a whore house. You must escape and meet new friends along the way. Rated A, NSFW This game took over 100+ man hours to make and it is meant for adults. This game is about a solid 30-60 minutes of game play depending on how adventurous you are. I hope you enjoy this game. This is an adventure game filled with erotic art and raunchy dialogue. TIPS: Space bar is action bar Check drawers and closets for Erotic pictures and Gold Talk to everyone (You might get lucky AND score some gold or followers) Trade with the Traders (Buy that gear to get you past the guards) The piano can play numerous tracks made by yours truly. Bail out the girls trapped in the cell and don't forget Chica. Buy Cigarettes, they are good for you and your party. *wink Instructions: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on Game.exe to start playing. Game Info: Released: 10 October, 2016 Genre: Cartoon Violence, Fantasy Violence, Mild Realistic Violence, Sexual Violence, Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Tobacco Use, Nudity Graphic, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Mature Humor, Simulated Gambling Censorship: No Version: 0.1.0 - Completed Developer / Publisher: MarauderChief Platform: Windows x64 Language: English Download Game Here DepFile -
  20. Like in Helpless Heroine, the game begins with combat and vore; as it progresses, more SlaveGirl themes come into play. This installment now includes the first transformation themes (petrification), with many more to come. This game is still in its infancy and I hope to work on it constantly to keep it progressing. Download Game Here (1.0.8) DepFile - (1.1.1) DepFile - Note - version 1.1.1 is a update that fixes small bugs and makes game easier :D
  21. Genre: RPG, Big Breasts, Tentacles, Pregnant, Fantasy, Bunnygirl, Monsters Censorship: yes Language: Jap, Eng Size: 150 MB You need the RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP to run this game DepFile -
  22. This game tries to blend RPG maker game with visual novel. In the environment of college you have almost unlimited possibilities and who didnt have some sexal fantasies about schoolgirls or teachers, right !? Oh, yeah, this is 18+ content so stay away if it does offend you v.0.0.8a CHANGELOG fixed bug where MC transfroms into Kara, when visiting the Main Hall at time of Kara's lunch fixed bugs, where stages of "Come Here, Income!" quest could be played in the wrong order fixed bug, when the image remained on the screen after the tickling event added condition, which stops waiting at 2 a.m. in the playe is outside of the Campus grounds, so he can return back by bus and doesn't get stuck outside fixed missing part of mrs. Anderson's sprite, whe she's watching TV blocked option to talk to Kimberly, when she and her mother are watching TV. It was immersion breaking as MC sits exactly at the same spot as mrs. Anderson does Date: 2017 Genre: RPG Maker MV, 3DCG, Voyeurism, Oral Sex Developer: MikeMaster - Development stage [In progress] Language: English Language of the text: ENG Game version: v.0.0.8a Platform: Windows System requirements (minimum): Windows, HDD 2 GB RPG Maker Download Game Here Rabidfiles
  23. Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Big Breasts, Big Tits, Hypnotism, Serious, Warrior Censorship: yes Language: Jap Size: 115 MB You need the RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP to run this game Download Game Here Rabidfiles
  24. Overview: The main character, Yakumo, joins Yatagarasu and becomes a monster extermination specialist, where she's charged with investigating a cult and the disappearance of other Yatagarasu members, working undercover in a brothel in the city of Innsmouth. Whether you fight or seduce your way through the game is up to you. (overview taken from the ULMF thread. Here. Since there's no English page for this) Updated: 02/10/2017 Developer/Publisher: Censorship: Yes (mosaic) Version: 1.2/Final OS: Windows Language: English (don't know if machine or not. However, reading the translator's post, seems that it's "native" English. This is his Patreon) Download Game Here DepFile -
  25. Naughty mini action RPG, stick fighting home girl Release / 販売日 - 2017年12月27日 Company / ブランド名 - ものつーる Battle Arena Information Information Download Game Here DepFile - Mexashare - - b7aoutga