Love Death 4 Realtime Lovers らぶデス4 ~ν-Realtime Lovers~

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Uh, story mode's translations stop and go back to japanese halfway thru, HF has no further updated translations, seems the guy just dumped it but game is awesome tho but really needs a new update and patch, this game is just as sweet as AG3 and AHM, needs attention i must say and i hope it gets it soon.

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This is quite an older thread but I hope someone can help. I think i have everything Installed correctly but the game window borders appear and then it says the program stopped working. I'm pretty sure i have all the Japanese region setting correct also. This is my first time installing a Japanese game so i'm not sure on everything. This is the same thing that happens when i try to play Deathlove 555.  Plz help! Also, I'm on windows 7 

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