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Since a few people have been introducing themselves lately, I thought it'd be a nice idea to kind of collect them all in one thread.

So come one and come all, say hi, introduce yourself here, old as new ;)

I'll start myself:

I GumphFy and I'm your ed2k guy...

I'm the 'friendly' one around here, as opposed to certain other individuals...*cough*

Currently I'm attending university where I major in Japanese studies, I'm a pretty easy going, open minded, mellow guy and I like to take walks along the beac...ahem...wrong site...

Anyway...that's me, who are you?

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Ah, nice to see this Intoduction Topic is again, right?

Anyways, onto business:

I go by White_Masq, or WhiteMasq, I'd probably go along with Masq (unless some other idiot comes up with something similar to my stupid name ;p). I'm still mildly irked that someguys beat me to the name on Hongfire--small world. ^^;;

I guess I'm the other 'friendly one', but I'm not the one with hilarious image attachments. ^_-

I somehow got to become a moderator for the forums (and a fairly lazy one too ; ). I am also guilty for the "Vague Game Descriptions", but don't hold me responsible if I'm off on a descriptions--I don't have time to play all these games! I'll probably become the Request Forum Baron, but if we keep getting people that DON'T READ THE FREAKIN' RULES I'll probably turn into a despot soon enough.

I'm also attending college, but my aptitudes are too broad for me to figure out what I should exactly do with myself. However, I'm currently in Civil Engineering.

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Hello, I'm Shiv. I'm 23 yrs old and I'm studying to become a pharmacist here in Sweden.

I suppose i should claim to be "nice" as well but i'll let my actions speak for themselves. I really dislike coarse language (Deathmarine and Asqualla scare me sometimes :D ) and anyone speaking 1337.

Currently i live with a roommate who would taunt me endlessly if he found out that I visit this site regularily so I usualy only have time for a visit once every few days or so. But still i try to stay active in the forums since a lot of people here are mostly friendly and free-thinking (if somewhat lewd-thinking).

I prefer my H-games to incorperate some form of "game" in them, meaning that i dont like interactive novels or "simple" games such as artificial girl or sexy beach. Genrin 1&2 and Kuutei senki are current favourites.

I have studied japanese in - the-school-which-you-attend-for three-years-after-primary-school - but i am was generally lousy at kana so i can only have conversations in japanese

I'll tell you all about my personal preferences in hentai if an appropriate thread comes up (Maybe we could do a poll or something?)

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HI im KUTUX, im 20 years old and im studing graphic design

Im from Colombia so i speak spanish and im learning a little of japanese, my english is so so :wub: i want to know about greats h-game, so if someone can tell the name of a really good game to download i will be happy. :D

i really like make signatures and try to make avatars, so maybe i can make a signatures for someone here just send a MP whit the image, sizes, colors and all u want, i will do my best

since a long time im just looking for CHIRALITY, i just read a critic about it and say many good things now im looking for everywhere but i dont know where find it.

so if someone know about CHIRALITY, please i want it :D

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Hell0w :o

My name is Didi ( aka the mumbling incomprehensive weirdo )

i'm 27 yr old, and i'm a devoted member of the KLF-cult ( KopieRight Liberation Front )

I'm new to the Hentai scene, so if u see me kicking in open doors, just point at me and laugh. o_O

Luv this site and its content!

Thnx to everybody who put the AG2 package together. ( xtra special thanx to the translation crew! )

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Hi everyone, I'm new here (duh!) as you can tell :D .

I'm 21 and I believe Hentai is better than real porn !! I'm not just saying that because I'm a horny horny horny guy, I'm saying that because Hentai IS TRULY BETTER.

Why? - Hentai has so much to offer that porn does not. Such as a well thought-out storyline that contains good dialogue and a PLOT (something that porn does not have). That is what I believe :P

I must say my all-time favourite series has got to be New Angel. The storyline was cute in its own way and had a level or seriousness to it too :) Bible Black is awesome as well (although a little creepy)

Thank you for taking the time to read my non-sense and I look forward to having intelligent discussions with you all :P

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Hi folks,

I'm 36 years old, employeed.

I'm quite new to the hentai/anime/manga scene but I LIKE IT VERY MUCH.

The best thing about this is, that it's japanese. I can't explain it and I can't speak or write or read japanese but I adore this land and it's people and I'm fascinated by many aspects of this country. It is so powerful and if the yanks hadn't dropped the bomb I believe it would be the most developed, mightiest country in the world.

Also I like games that are beside the mainstream and underground stuff. So hentai is a good platform for me.

I say I don't really like porn so I've not watched much porn coz it makes me yawn.

But hentai is different. It has real porn sequences indeed but it is more than that.

I love the east-asian especially japanese style, the sound, the characters, the CG-scenes, the clips.

Almost everything except the backgrounds. Those look mostly awful. :S

I got to this site and to hentai at all by a site that provided nudepatches for games. Unfortunately this site has closed shortly and it seems for ever. It was called :D

I like to add, that I hate censorship in all kinds but I surrender to the japanese law that makes it nearly impossible to get those games uncensored and I appreciate the work of the fellows that make uncensor/unmask patches. Also I appreciate this site very much. :)

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Hi guys~ Hope we get along....

Im 20 years old.... employed...

I have a little talent in drawing or designing clothes and all....

I really liked this site~

My only problem is.... Their all torrents... My Bit torrent isnt working for a reason I dont know... And I really wish for direct downloads >_<

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Hello everyone...

iam a 19yo Dane... currently an Apprentice in Welding,Metal working, ect.

Ive watched Anime and Hentai since 2002, Mostly Anime though, But i only have hentai on DVD.

Other than that I really enjoy shooting, Driving my car(Opel Kadett 1.3 '86), Drinking beer.

I was in Japan the summer holidays '05 with Lisa! Langauge travel( The only bad thing about it was the heat and the humidty, But still a great trip... I was there for a month, But i still learned a lot.

And the only thing to say is "Nihon to Nihongo wa totemo ii desu~" :D

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Hello all,

I am soon to be 26 yr old guy from the toxic dump of the US. I am currently in the military and fix tanks. I am looking to go into a different field probably game art and design. That way I can make my own games muahahahaha. . . . well maybe.

I stumbled upon here and it looks pretty good. I have liked and watched anime and hentai for years and enjoy them greatly. I am new to the torrent thing so any advice or general info I should know, but probably don't please drop me a line on it or anything else.

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Hey, people. I guess I'm the resident newb for the time being.

I don't know how odd of a combination I am for this site, but I'm a gamer, a "gun-person" a writer, and a joker.

Peace out.

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Hello to all,

I'm 39 yrs old and currently studying network administration. When i'm not studying i play pc and console games. I like hentai for the fantasy and the female voice acting :D and of course "if they look cute then i like it". :P

Enjoy the goodness that is HentaiShare. More hentai more hentai more hentai XD

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Hola, i'm 21

I'm Haze Also Known as anonymous, DESU: seems that we have some /b/'s in here ^_^:DESU i also am A founder of suiseiseik coalition, my career is simple, i'm a truck driver ive been watching anime since 1997 and got into henti about 2002, been a fan ever since.

Luckly i stumbled upon this sight through a D/L and been here ever since Thx DM for starting this site nice too meet all of you

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I'm a 23 year old programmer from the Philippines... been collecting hentai games since the late 1990's (I know I was still underage back then but who cares... bhahahaha). First games were Japanese that I got from a cd I bought in HK, stumbling upon hentai games were purely coincidental, now hooked ever since. First english games were 3 Sisters, Seasons of Sakura and True Love, still have them. I'm now trying to collect 3D hentai games, thanks to HS my collection just got a little more interesting. Planning to share my classic games to you guys... any suggestions? I can't seed them as torrents since I still use a 56K connection, the only thing I can afford for now.

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Hajimemashite, drg desu. 19, in university, surviving with only a summer job. majoring in psychology, minor in east asian studies. Currently learning japanese in Uni so I can read some characters.. not much. Im obsessed with reading mangas, watching anime/hentai and even playing hentai games. So i gotta thank hshare for all the wonderful games posted! Prolly gonna grow up to be a chikan lol, just cant let my gf know this though XD

dozo yoroshiku

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W00t, newist of the nubins! I must say, I have the most original story here. I like anime, and manga and games. In a twist of fate DLed one of you hentai games and came to the site (I blame the handy dandy

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sup im ash im 20

im a horny-perverted-silent-cute-mysterious-guy

in our town

they didnt know what is my hobby even my lil sis(who ussually use this pc)

so that when i play bishojo games i always.. i dunno.., jerk my self

then i hear my sis comming

i push alt-f4 but o shit!! AG2 does not support alt-f4 o shit

so i press the reset button then she says, hey bro its air conditioned down here, why are you sweating a lot?

i say, now that you mentioned it its sooo hot in here.. (lol)

oooppss im getting OT

anyways nice to know you all

kudos to DM/asq you guys rok!

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lol ash.


started whit anime but ended up whit hentai afther seeing to much porn, its so booooooooooooooring afther 1000 times, my friends would have mocked me to death if they found out, sometimes i think they have no imagination, but then again most of them are desk puppets.

im 28 and im inlove whit the language, even though i have no idea what theyr saying 90% of the time. but i have goten around 10gb of learning wids programs and online courses.

Love your site and ill stick around.

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I go by the name Tobimaro on the interne, but I go by James to my friends. I am a fan of anime in general and Urusei Yatsura in particular. I am 40 and live in the US (central Illinois). I work in a consumer plastics factory, and that usually pays for the anime and food.

Anyways, thanks for the forum.

Ton-chan (or James if you prefer)

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hi, new user here.

30, korean male, living in the US.

used to luv hentai games, anime and manga (u know, back in the ol LaBlue girl days), been watching JAV mostly, but now i found this site, and hopefully i can find some good hentai again.

i also do luv normal jap anime, but i tend to gear towards more manga if i can, as anime has too many fillers, and usually the mangas have less cencorship. (not just blood, sex etc. usually the same title the stories are a lot more mature)

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