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@fivi (by the way i didn't even know you could do that)

Yeah it's been over 10 years.

from the games and anime you mention it sounds like we could be approximately the same age. Kinda creepy how similar. Except i bought my Plastic Little. I love Satoshi's work. I think it left an imprint because i prefer shiny skinned chicks.


did you play any of the Sogna games?

i'm sure i posted Star Platinum on here but here is the link:



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Awesome, thanks!  I don't know why I was having such a hard time finding that game...


When I think of shiny women, I tend to think of Masamune Shirow - those gals could be used to signal low-flying aircraft in an emergency situation!  I don't remember them being quite so reflective back in the Dominion: Tank Police days, but it's still fun to look at.


I haven't played any of the Sogna games, but I have always meant to - I have tons of GIFs saved off from them.  Any particular entry you would recommend?  V6 and BTR are the two I usually think of, but I honestly don't even know what the gameplay is like.


Since I mentioned glitchy animations in my last post, I'll go ahead and post one of the weird-ass results so I don't feel like a total waste of space.  It's not nightmare-inducing, but you probably have to be in an "altered state" to think it's good.


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Hello everyone,


I meant to introduce myself a while ago but life got crazy so I never got a chance.  I just wanted to say the site is looking good and it has expanded my knowledge with so much information on the site.  I am a programmer who has started some small indie erotic games.  I wish I could do it full time but I would need more money and time to go on my own.  At this time that is not going to happen.  I currently have 3 projects in progress that take up a lot of my time.  If anyone is interested in my work or would like to support me on patreon you can follow me on deviant art. You will find links to my personal site there as well.  Anyway I wish everyone the best in life.  We only have one shot at it so give it your all.


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I suppose at some point I should give my intro. Well I'm an insufferable dick bag who will (and has) use the written letter of statements, requests, and comments to bend or out right break the rules of the forum. So boo I'm a scary thing... I guess.

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