SchoolMates 2 すくぅ~るメイト2

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School Mates 2

School_Mate_2_HF_Patch.7z (55.52 MB)
School Mate 2 HF Patch version 4.3 includes:
Official Plus patch Vol.5 by Illusion (required, adds new positions, glasses, hairstyles and small FPS increase. Read the wiki for more!)
English Interface Translation 1.0 by Raiko
Supplemental English Interface 1.2 by DCB
Story Translation 0.4 by Ren206
SM2 Subtitles 0.4 by Ren206 (uses Illusion Subtitle Overlay by ScumSuckingPig)
English Launcher v1.05A Plus by TheShadow
Guy Name Translation 0.2 by mynameisnobody
SM2 Uncensor Girl mesh 1.0 by 777Maliwei, profundis (with realistic pubic hair option)
Animation: Kissing, Pussy closed 1.0 by profundis
Animation: Masturbate, Pussy animation 1.0 by profundis
Vibrator 1.0 by profundis
SCHOOLMATE 2 (Male) Uncensor 1.3 by profundis
Special (3P): SM2PLUS - English Interface 1.0 (Special 3P UI translation) by DCB
Special (3P): Special English Launcher v1.0 by TheShadow
Special (3P): SM2 Uncensor Girl mesh 1.0 by 777Maliwei, profundis (with realistic pubic hair option)
Special (3P): SCHOOLMATE 2 (Male) Uncensor 1.3 by profundis
Complete Save Game by TenshiMKII (unlock all, True End)
Save Game by nintendo (unlock endless H)

Then Install this one:
Official Addon 2
[].Schoolmates.2.Special.Addon.7z (83.59 MB)

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post-43-017976800 1286153300_thumb.jpg

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over hlaf the illusion games I've downloaded don't work almost at the end of the install process they say a couple japanese words and the number 1155 anyone know how to fix this.

half my bad I don't type much these days

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Just tried this one out. It is really nice. Her breasts are huge, omg! I don't have 3D glasses either. I hope to try that out someday. Anyways, thanks a million DeathMarine for another great gift. Well appreciated and always glad you provide. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you!! ^^

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Strange... I can download it with a download manager/program... but not by clicking the link...

Anyways, Thank you for this upload!!!

Downloaded it and it works fine... but how can you manipulate the characters? For example, when you select 69, the girl just stands over his head... and the guy lays down... but nothing happens..

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yo! that's my first post here, and this forum is just great!! =D

Thanks for the game!! downloaded it right now, and is running good, the only problem is the lag... i have quite a pc here run crysys, last remnant, COD black ops... and so on at max and no lag

someone has a clue?

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why is that when i look at DM's screen shots it looks like it will kill my computer? haha either way gonna download just started DLing your torrents recently , have to say impressed especiallly with my new favorite game Tears To Tiara!! Thanks for all the uploads on TPB and here! all hail DM


yea i go to install the game and the install quits 2 seconds after starting and takes me to the japanese instal start window with the 3 options with the active x 9.0 option. yea help

Edited by for_all_those_sleeping

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i have switched to japanese mode as in the help section but still after i start installing it quits after 2 seconds any help

i have xp sp 3 is this has to do with anything that might stop the installation

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Guest ring0^^   
Guest ring0^^

someone help me,,,,

i download this via torrent but i can extract it, it says the file is corrupt,,, :(

what shoul i do,,

any idea,,,,,


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