Custom Maid 3D カスタムメイド3D

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Custom Maid 3D Official Update 1.25 (97.06 MB)
[].Custom.Maid.3D.Music.CD.7z (180.87 MB)
[].Custom.Maid.3D.Gold.Disc.7z (160.38 MB)
[].Custom.Maid.3D.Box.CD.Scans.7z (4.13 MB)

Official Update 1.25 is required before installing this patch:
Custom Maid 3D HF Patch.exe (73.68 MB)

Custom Maid 3D HF Patch version 0.9.12 includes:
English Translation 1.25 20120505 by genobee Updated!
Prologue Refined Translation by Sh4dowRunn3r
Story Translation 0.3 by JJX, Hinaloth and hotdog22, ArturB, Inquisitor and genobee
Partial Personality B (spoiled) Story Translation by The Prince of Darkness
Story Machine Translation v1.05 20110309 by optoron (not fully tested)
Uncensor Launcher by shadowdevi Updated!
3D Girl Uncensor by A.K posted by wolise2003, or
2D Uncensor No Pubic Hair by goumou (hair options under Pigtails), or
2D Uncensor Black Pubic Hair with Hi-res Texture (003 'closed' version) by goumou
Ultimate Male Uncensor 1.3b by Kemodin (adapted mods from UV, original authors unknown) Updated!
Conversation Tips by Anonymous (prefix choices with [+] or [-]). WARNING: Has known bugs and may crash the game!

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Does anyone know this message?

Me and my friends still got stuck with this

It appears to be a message about your graphics card (graphic board in the katakana) not supporting a required Shader mode.

Shader Model 2.0 is being directly referenced in the message, so I'm guessing that the required shader model capability required is 2.0 or higher.

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Hey DM, just wanted to say thank you for the awesome DL. I'm just getting ready to install it.

Now I apologize in advance if this next statement breaks any rules, but is there any installation help specific to this game?

I've already memorized the general help section, and I've installed several games from Hshare before, but I just wanted to know if there was anything different with this game I should keep an eye out for.

Also, what's the HD space requirement? I've only got 22.7 GB of HD space left because I DL'ed too much pr0n :P



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Actually, you need about 7 GB to download and install, because the downloaded, packed files have 2,16 GB. Once unpacked you have additional 2,22 GB and the installed files cost you 2,02 GB. :shades:

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Guest Adi

can someone help me with this error? :( pls..

-I have installed/running it with applocate (japanese) ,

- I have installed it in the dir with english characters only

- I have newest drivers/dirext X

- my card supports Pixel Shaders and all etc etc

- I have DVD still in the deamon

- I tryed wiki info about that game - but none error match mine

but still got such error :


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Guest Mr. Zhou

Started off with frustration because of only 2 choices for eye shape, but of course colors are not a problem, and pretty limited breast size. The degree of changes when editing maids is too small in my opinion. As for the rest, beautiful. The main thing I'd like to point out is the H-gameplay; it's very different and original, in a good way. Stunning visuals and a variety of sex positions are no exceptions.

I'd give it a.....7.8/10. If not for the limited eye shape choices, it would've been 8.3/10 (yes, the eyes are very important in my taste).


Try not using applocale and instead change the system locale language directly in control panels. That's what I did differently from your mentioned steps.

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Guest haru

what is the createshader the thing keeps poping up do i need to dl create shader if i do were do i get it?

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Is there supposed to be an ISO file or something along that file type with this?

My computer has a habit of not downloading everything i want it to and i have ruled out everything except that i could be missing a file.

Thats the only thing that i can think of that i might be missing everything else seems to be in order.

P.S.- when i run the game i get a bunch of errors then it crashes.

Here are the errors in the order that they appear on screen.

ResGameData.cpp 1048

error can't open room csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 226

error can't open play menu csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 598

error can't open play skill csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 674

error can't open play category csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 712

error can't open play command csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 778

error can't open play param csv. x9

PlayCsvData.cpp 1104

error can't open resei csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 1141

error can't open dankai csv.

PlayCsvData.cpp 1718

error play se not exist genre.

hopefully someone knows how to fix this? Please and thank-you.

EDIT: i went through the files again and i dont have a .nfo file either.

Update: Resolved, did a re-download

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I went through all documentation and happily found the way to switch to Japanese mode, so problem solved.

Many thanks, by the way I understand why everybody is so happy with this site... it ROCKS!! :)

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Guest Guest


So I installed through my ISO emulator, and got this message once I started up the game, then when I tried to get rid of it, It refused to leave. on top of that, Whenever I try to open up the game, it gives me yet another error message. Help please? :<

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Guest fe328

DeathMarine, thanks a lot for your hard work!

I changed system locale, I restarted, but still:


soooo.... while I was writing this i found out, that that message only occures on the second time (to prevent second instance).

If you have this error - you probably have one running.

But mine takes all my CPU time and does NOTHING. it didn't create any windows or even error messeges... I'll report back if I find a solution.

I run win7.

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Guest fe328

*sorry for bad English here and there.

The game crashed my PC twice, after showing nothing (100% of CPU, 68 MB of memory).

Don't seem to have troubles with WinXP, but I can't use that PC.

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Guest Blenderman

Btw how do i run the game in Japanese mode :?

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