Cross Days クロスデイズ

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Hello, I have a problem with starting the game. When I want to start the game, it says: スクリプトのバージョンがー致していません。

I tried the noDVD patch, .exe file 1.00a and the update 1.00b

I used the hex editor method to change the original cross days.exe

I also tried other scripts I found online and many other things, but in vain.

What should I do?

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Hey i still have installation problems. First of all all i see in the set up is ????? and when i try to install it it cant read the second disc. Which is why i only get till 66%. Can someone please help me?

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I need re-upload of full game save file please. I tried fixing this stupid issue (FYFuGiF.png) but to no avail.


Tried EVERYTHING. So I came to the conclusion, maybe I can just view the H-Scenes instead from the game. Thanks! : )

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