The Zombie Hazard [GIRLS 03-05] [RAW] [FLASH]

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The Zombie Hazard [GIRLS 03-05] [RAW]

The Zombie Hazard ~女ゾンビ凌辱狩猟区~

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Direct Download

[hshare.net].The.Zombie.Hazard.[GIRLS.03-05].[RAW]..rar (106.60 MB)



NOTE: I had to remove two of the girls from this release because of their age. I considered whether or not I should release this without those files included and I decided due to it’s popularity I would release it anyway.

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you can play it in your regular media player such as Media Player Classic or GOM player but you will need to have your codecs up to date (instal the k-lite mega codec pack), take a look at the FAQ's for more help. I also recommend making sure you have the latest version of adobe flash installed if you don't to avoid running into problems in the future.

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