Princess Body AS

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I got game running.

There was save-folder missing and two "system" files bruns-system0.dat and bruns-system.dat.

These files I got from "[] Tsuma No Hime Goto".

Jep hes right. Heres a link to download those.

The save files (All CG and sences) can be downloaded at ,maybe using the Japanese name (プリンセスボディAS) of the game to search it on the page would be faster.

In another way,download another game of the 今日

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this guide helps some, i found it somewhere else, but what you need to know is that if the "lustbar"(the bottom bar)is full, other actions become less taxing on the sanity(top bar).

so simply start a new game or load your save for the first doable action, then fuck her(middle action) till the bottom bar has 10 symbols, at that point you can save again, and from here just go on.

final buttons will be for the last finish, but you will need to complete all other buttons without going below 6 sanity points.

hope that helps.

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