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Description: Hiding behind a mask of a charming, handsome and talented school teacher, the protagonist is a pervert who calls out female students and teachers for secret lessons aimed at making them his sexual slaves.

But even when he has corrupted numerous women, his perfectionist outlook has led him to regard them as failures as he continues his search for his ideal slave. When he can't find a suitable prey, he sets out for new hunting grounds by transferring to a new school.

This time he has transferred to Shinyou Academy, an elite institution gathering the best students nationwide. It is here that he may find his ideal slave, and looks forward to his dark ambition with expectations.

With this thought in mind, he assumes his office and meets four girls who became the candidates in becoming his female slaves:

The most talented pianist with great opportunities ahead of her, a secluded and innocent young lady, Shion Saotome;

A lively beauty with dreams of becoming a dancer, who has also innocently came to adore the protaginist, Asami Natsukawa;

The beautiful men-despising president of the Japanese archery club, who has a sensuous body rather unlike that of a student, Tsubaki Ikegami;

The arrogant daughter of a high class family who has enrolled into the academy through her parents' influences, Saori Kurosawa.

As the stage of the 'training' of these four students unfold, the school hired prideful and elite female supervisor, Takako Makino, also became dragged into the fray.

And thus under the guise of a good teacher, the protagonist's quest for the ideal slave continues as his wicked craft sets into play.

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Guest sadamy

after changing my locale to japan and mounting to daemon, i installed and i cant seem to get into the game., what wrong?

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I was wondering if this is a sequel of another game... because i don't seem to find the previous one ( if it ever existed). Can anyone tell me if there is a prequel to this game?. Thanks

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this game has a working torrent on Nyaa.eu  this Hshare torrent also is incomplete and will not open on Vuze. sorry i have no idea why all of these torrent files do not work.. but hopefully there is a fix

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