How to fix this? Please Help

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Just to let you know, if you have a problem with a game you need to post it in that particular game's thread. Now, couple of questions:

Are you in Japanese mode?

Did you run the program as an administrator?

A quick look at the topics here in the Help forums should give you all the info you need to install most games. You should probably start here. Oh and next time if you need post a picture of an error don't make it a downloadable attachment, that's lame.

If all else fails hang tight and wait for DeathMarine to help u out. Hope this helps.

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for some reason the picture i put doesnt show up when i put in .jpg so i tried a different method to attach the file. and about the game i followed the instruction and everything.... game seems fine i just want to know what the meaning of the word that show in that attach picture... is there no one around here know how to read japanese? >.< my drivers are all good i can play latest game and all im using XP. everything runs in japanese mode and all. since i dl most of the illusion games here and run fine. only The A-Ga game is giving me problems so please help >.<

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Which button did you click? The error message is saying that you don't have a pad or it's not recognized, so I think you clicked the top-left button that says "パッド設定" (pad settings).

You need to click the bottom right one that says "ゲーム開始" to start the game. Either that, or you have to change some settings around so it won't try to look for a pad of some sort.

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