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Euphoria EP01 [ENG SUBS]

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(ユーフォリア / euphoria ~真中合歓 地獄始動編~)


[].Euphoria.EP01.[ENG.SUBS.FILE].rar (8.22 KB)

post-24270-0-71553900-1324798693_thumb.j post-24270-0-76196700-1324798697_thumb.j

Direct Download

[].Euphoria.EP01.[RAW].mp4 (343.63 MB)

[mgl="magnet:?xt=urn:btih:AF622660F8AE947306EED0EE0529FAD10E85CD81&"]MAGNET LINK[/mgl]

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Guest NinjaWeazel

Hm, this looks like it could be pretty awesome. gonna wait for some subs though, so I can understand wtf is goin' on. lol

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this episode.... is a nice start ^^

the story is very interesting and all those bondage H anime love would love this (i think ^^)


for this episode i give this 8/10

because of the nice art and the scenes were good

btw i did not rate it 8 because its censored :P

btw thanks again for this one miss dizzy

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