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Hello. This will be my second post on these forums, and I'm not really sure if it's ideal to make a request so early after joining up, but since I found no rules against it, here I go anyways.

I would like to request almost any SLG game from the developers Ninetail (

My current top-priority is the Venus Blood (ヴィーナス ブラッド) series, from which I am missing -CHIMERA- and -FRONTIER-. Since frontier hasn't been released yet, I'll make my request about chimera and hope that I'll be able to request frontier once chimera has been completed.

Here's more detailed information on the games in the serie (this is just for people to check out, my request I have mentioned in the above text);

Venus Blood (Released in 2007)

Venus Blood -CHIMERA- (Released in 2008)

Venus Blood -DESIRE- (Released in 2009)

Venus Blood -EMPIRE- (Released in 2010)

Venus Blood -ABYSS- (Released in 2011)

Venus Blood -FRONTIER- (To be released 2012/3/30), why does the links break up like that... It seems my understanding of the url-link system on these forums is flawed. Please forgive me if this causes any problems.

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