Black Beast Kuroinu EP01 [ENG SUBS]

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Black Beast Kuroinu EP01 [ENG SUBS]

(黒獣(クロイヌ)~気高き聖女は白濁に染まる~ ~オリガ×クロエ 黒の城、崩落編~ / Kurojuu [Kuroinu] / Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru)


[hshare.net].Black.Beast.Kuroinu.EP01.[ENG.SUBS.FILE].rar (8.05 KB)

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[hshare.net].Black.Beast.Kuroinu.EP01.[RAW].mkv (212.49 MB)


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XD with subs 1st of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! (not b'coz it has subs) well you can say thats one point but...

this is a good Hentai that your sharing with us...hope the next episodes will come soon...

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Which is why anticipation in the next few days will be EPIC! English subs might take a while though and my moonspeak is comparable with a Japanese newborn so I might have to guess the story.

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