How things stand....

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As you can see nearly all filehosts have stopped giving members money for download and/or per sign up. Saying it's a setback is a massive understatement and couldn't have come at a worst time and as you can see we are trying to replace the money generated with ads.

Crocko decided to cut their affiliate program the very day they were supposed to payout! We were going to use that money to pay for our sites! Now that money is going to be out of pocket but we had some major unexpected bills so it's cutting very deep.

I think we found a suitable filehost to put of our smaller files like patches, game saves, doujin, hcg sets and smaller games. They dont offer money but it saves our site bandwidth.

I would love to be able to host these files myself on the site but it would suck of dry of bandwidth AND slow down the site.

We will be making a renewed effort on torrents.

In all i hope the ads generate enough money to pay for the sites.

If you guys only knew how much of our time we spend on the sites.....

here is my usual daily schedule: go to work, go home, work on the sites until bed time, sometimes skip bedtime, repeat.

it's all the menial crap that takes up so much damn time

Anyways we will keep working hard for you guys to share with you what we all love.

im going to take a nap....

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I may not be able to donate due to cash being tight,but i can offer help to others with game problems,seeding torrents,finding patches etc. DeathMarine and Dizzy do so much for us all. So I will do what I can to help them and everyone else out.

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