Kamidori Alchemy Meister (English)

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some asistance is needed:

i have just change my OS to windows 8 and installed the game. everything went fine until i got a glitch at chapter 4 (the mission at the wasteland). the whole map was empty and i cant deploy anyone, i tried loading my other save file but same thing happen like last time.

also i had to turn off the battle animation cause all the graphics were srewed up.

not really sure if i just got a bad download or that its because my OS is windows 8.

thanks in advance

*and plus it seem that i cant install microsoft.netframe 3.5 for some reason, because of it everytime i play @homemate it crashes when i open the dressing menu... TwT*

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I recently started playing this game again, after I bought myself a new laptop. It works fine, but for some reason, I can't get the trainer to work properly. Everytime I try, I get an error message in Japanese. Any help would be appreciated, since I really don't feel like having to search for items or grind for levels again.




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