Piss Fit EP01 [ENG SUBS]

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The drawing would be congenial to the taste of anyone who adores the style by Shiwasu no Okina, and the animators did quite a good job imitating that style (though doing it differently doesn't hurt either, as long as it's well done). I personally find it only commensurate.

Animation quality, however, is far below my measure of its drawing (and inking); it's miserable. It feels like they just trace-drew from the original manga, then animate with darned little effort. There have been some hentai anime nowadays inflicted with the 'original-styled drawing with tawdry animation' disease. I hope some hentai animators aren't slacking off just because they think their clienteles will always stay.

Might as well just read the original, if I should decide to invest interest.

Thanks as always, Dizzy.

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Your welcome :)

I really didn't like this title at first but it grew on me, I think I just had to get used to it... not something we should have to do though but my biggest issue was with the art style, that's why I say I got used to it. Thanks for your feedback.

You can get the manga here is your interested - http://doujingallery.com/?s=piss+fit (some of it has been translation to English)

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