RABIDfiles Returns (05/09/2012)

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EXTRA! EXTRA! RABIDfiles Returns!!

As you probably already know we have been having some annoying timeout issues with RABIDfiles. Well I am glad to announce that we can put all that behind us. We have been testing the site and thanks to DeathMarine’s relentless efforts RABIDfiles is back up and running!! THAT’S RIGHT RABIDfiles IS BACK!! I’ll be updating links and posting new releases again, assuming no more issues come up (keeping fingers tightly crossed).


For those of you who had or purchased a premium account between 04/27/2012 to 05/08/2012. We will be giving back the time you lost and some bonus days as an apology.

- If you had a 2 day Premium Membership between that time -

you will get the days you lost (up to 2 days) PLUS 1 BONUS DAY

- If you had a 7 day Premium Membership between that time -

you will get the days you lost (up to 7 days) PLUS 3 4 BONUS DAYS

- If you had a 30 day Premium Membership between that time -

you will get the days you lost (up to 30 12 days) PLUS 5 6 BONUS DAYS

- If you had a 90 day Premium Membership between that time-

you will get the days you lost (up to 90 12 days) PLUS 7 7 BONUS DAYS

We will start to issues these “credit days” later today or tomorrow. I would like to have a little more content uploaded for you before we do so.

We have finished issuing the compensation days and have reactivated Premium Members. You should have received an email from us or will receive one very soon.

If you do not receive an email please contact me here to let me know. Make sure to provide the email you used to sign up to RabidFiles and the PayPal transaction number, so that we can confirm your subscription to a Premium account and issue you your compensation days.

Messed up Links!?

Until I remove all the old RABIDfiles links from hshare and post the new ones, you may notice that some links don't lead to the correct file. If this happens it just means I haven't gotten around to posting the new link yet, no need to panic I am updating the links as quickly as I can :)

The reason it is doing this is because during the maintenance, when we were trying to fix issues on RABIDfiles we deleted the database to started over. This means that links that were previously assigned to a file are now assigned to a new file. There was just no way to upload all the files in the same order so they would get the same link.

Thank you everyone, for you patience, understanding and support.

It was really rough there for a while and DeathMarine and I started to lose hope that we would ever get RABIDfiles back up and working properly. I was feeling really somber for a while because I felt like I let you all down. It didn’t help that I was getting a lot of emails and messages that weren’t so nice. Some very impatient, inconsiderate and demanding people who just wouldn’t let up. BUT some of you sent me the nicest little messages of encouragement and support. I want to send out the sincerest thanks to those of you who sent me those messages (you know who you are). Your words of encouragement really touched me, I even teared up a few times (no lie).

So to you I say thanks icon_smile.gif

hugs & wubs



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