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For those of you who also visit HentaiAnimeDownloads.com, yes this is a copy of my recent "update" post but I don't want to leave out our "cumrades" here at hshare :D

So now that that's out of the way.

Hi boys and ghouls,

Are you all digging Halloween month as much as I am. I love October, fall and the promise of candy to come!! :P

But that's not why I'm writing...

Actually due to the recent flood of requests for an "About Me" page, I've decided to put one up but I need your help. This page is for you, so I want you to send me your questions for me. What would you like to know? I'll go through them, pick the most popular and/or interesting questions to post and of course answer. Let me know what you want to see on the "about me" page!!

Send me your questions using the Contact Me page. You can send me as many questions as you like. (you have till the end of October before I make the page but you can always ask me anything even after that)

EDIT – You can also post your questions for the about me page in the comments

Looking forward to hearing from you

x0x Dizzy

PS Has anyone noticed I toned down the stark white background of HentaiAnimeDownloads to a pale yet more soothing grey? (I know compared to hshare it's still super bright)

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