Immoral Ward インモラル病棟

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I would have to give the upload a 5 star, but the game itself a 3 star.

Just wish in story mode they would have gave you more options during H Scene instead of a fixed timer, almost feels like i'm watching a movie. lol

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i dont understand .... why i cant play the video and it always skip or stop whenever i play or trying get all screen ..... or whatever it said laa .....

If it skip the videos and H-scene, maybe is because you are not using app locale

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it because i use this words to google
"Immoral Ward インモラル病棟 fix movie"

"Immoral Ward インモラル病棟 fix movie + pack"

and bang i give up------
im not doing same as your doing, why im baffling ? so you say every ppl are same in your mind, yea well i skip every time i see words other than alpabet ? oh well whatever and im sorry if it a bit hars still i found it from yours anyway, thx for share

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