Real Play with DLC

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Real Play with DLC

Direct Download:
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part1.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part2.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part3.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part4.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part5.rar (999 MB)
[DDH] Real Play with DLC.part6.rar (533.88 MB)

Real Play HF Patch.rar (385.89 MB)
Real Play HF Patch version 0.5 includes:
Official: Real Play Preorder (Natsume) and DLC1-4 by Illusion DLC4 added!
User Interface Translation v0r07 by Itkatsu (Sogekihei) PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Launcher v1.0-DLC2 by TheShadow
Studio Launcher DLC4 by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY! Updated!
Esthetic Play Launcher by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Story Translation v.1 by kudanilarab , proofread by CABAL
Real Studio Effect, Item & Map by Vincent119
Real Studio Machine Translated Lists by RickMontana
Real Studio Translated Manipulation Keys & IK by RickMontana
Full Uncensor + Animation Fixes, Update 140313 by 777Maliwei
DLC2 Uncensor by SysTPP & 777Maliwei
DLC3 Uncensor v1Fix by Follado & 777Maliwei Updated!
DLC4 Uncensor by Follado & 777Maliwei New!
Item Uncensor 140315 by biglobster
Real Studio Penis Items by totaldecay78 & 777Maliwei
100% Unlocked Save Game by digitalartnet
Windowed Fullscreen 2.0 by enter75
Illusion Wizzard by darkhound with RP.profile and RPDecrypt by lds718 (for future mods)


















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Hi DM!

Can you make torrent for this. I mean, i need 5 to 6 hour for download each part, despite good D/U connection (45Mb for download).

Thank you for all your work and, good hunting!


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Archive 5 is corrupted. Please recheck

Archive 5 is corrupted. Please recheck

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After downloading all the files, I found that every single one of them were corrupted. Have the files become corrupt when RapidFiles updated?

Never mind. It seems 7-zip doesn't like .rar parts. I just downloaded WinRAR and it extracted without issue.

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Welp, downloaded all of it and to my surprise, all files are corrupted. :/

I've check every rar files, the size of all of em are correct, there's no download error or whatsoever, yet the winRAR kept giving me this files are unknown or is corrupted mumbo jumbo.

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I had the same issue earlier with some other downloads and tried lots of things before finding out that updating Winrar helped. My version wasn't all that old (or so I thought at least), but updating it worked so I guess I was wrong there. Of course, when it comes to compression software it's not really the first thing on my list of things to update since normally so little change that there's not much point.

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The problem with the oldest Winrar version is the new RAR5 format, that was introduced in Winrar 5, and most of the files in the forum use it. Winrar 5 is not new, but usually people normally install winrar for an old installer that come with some other software(Winrar 5 was release em 2013).

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Huh, I probably last updated it just before version 5 hit then. Good to know.

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Hi sir,

I downloaded the files and there are so many files which make me confused how to install the game, and I found setup and installer in compressed file name 'DISK1' but there is an error during installation, due to the language is japanese which I cant read at all, I noticed there's a mention of, and it's not working, do you have any idea how to fix it?


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