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It doesn't start downloading for me...

When I press the button for the download it just leads to the exact page again and the timer starts again.

Do I need to do something or is it a server problem?

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Originally posted by Inquisitor on HongFire forums

I've just Fixed links and updated the downloads.



Play Club HF Patch version 1.4




  • Official DLC 1-4 (Game Update 0508/0729 + Maid Set + Nurse Set) by Illusion















Note: All mods are optional, so you can select to install only e.g. the uncensors or translations when running the patch.


The mods included in this patch would not be possible without SB3Utility(GUI+Script) 1.0.12 by enimaroah 

Show your appreciation of the modder's work and click on all the  buttons above and write a comment! 




  • The uncensor will overwrite your resources.assets, which might interfere with other mods.
  • It's perfectly safe to apply a newer version of the patch on top of older versions.
  • Make sure that you have a backup of the original files before you run the patch!


Having problems?




Download Mirror

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This site:

[ZS] [+18] Play Club AD + Studio [DLC] [Ingles]

Had a Play Club with another DLC and also includes HF 1.4 path.


Improved graphics:

Includes a new shader in addition to improving the
general appearanceof the shadows


New Hair:

18 new models of hair, frontal and back included. 


New Clothes:


military uniform

set goth-loli

wedding dress
succubus costume 


New H Positions H

More or less 6 new positions and adds the possibility of
threesome in the base game and studio. 


New maps:

A pool,

a classroom

a stage




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