GIRO-76 Heroine Chichi Wonder Lady Tsukada Shiori

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ymHKj3MP.jpg 1LCFXjLt.jpg m8YsONe9.jpg TawgPpmF.jpg Rc9CRjB2.jpg haxlRj2e.jpg 7vrp83NV.jpg ksDXoM5m.jpg iMuQMR53.jpg wsqtv7W7.jpg



In a morally depraved alternate-reality, leaders of society are hypocritical instructors. As in any educational system, there are rules to follow, but the only one that counts is obedience. Indeed, cooperating with corrupt authorities is an easier path to success than are honest work and commitment. Conventional rules and ethical standards are irrelevant, since evil magnates can do as they please with a would be defender of justice & liberty.


Stripped of all honor, the impotent heroine unwittingly exemplifies the futility of resistance. For it seems, after all, that the very epitome of righteousness has an irrefutable weakness, namely carnal lust. Her mind says no, but her all too vulnerable body says yes, as noxious venom slowly penetrates her soul and inexorably takes her hostage.


Like Ying & Yang, pain & pleasure become inextricably intertwined, and, paradoxically, the disillusioned heroine is raped by her own consent, until a feverish frenzy turns even the mightiest among us into a mindless puppet of malleable flesh, and the vital force that is drained from her stark naked body sustains the ever growing, indestructible power that corrupts. An insatiable and omnipotent power, before which she will forever bend in servile submission.


WMV (480p, 2500 kbps) 1:27:39, 1.62 Gb


Due to the small frame size and the modest bitrate, the picture is rather fuzzy. You should notice it break up during rapid movements. This is why I recommend you try PotPlayer. It has a variety of customizable filters which will help you get a smoother picture. It is especially useful for low quality videos and animation.


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