Sexy Beach Premium Resort Sexyビーチ プレミアムリゾート

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On the launcher you can change the settings to performance. Running full quality really is resource heavy. Also when the game hits a loading point (like a certain time) it tends to lag a bit. You can keep the loading time to a minimum by lowering the load amount of heroine/ mob at the same time sliders.

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Hey, i got this problem instaling hf patch. Any suggestions?

WARNING: The patch was unable to detect Sexy Beach Premium Resort (or you forgot to install the Studio patch) at the location you specified:

Do you wish to correct the destination?

(ctrl+C to copy this message)
Yes   No   


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how to change the Japanese language into English?

when i was play sexy beach premium at the new place always not responding or loading too long?

if anyone has already played this game?
I asked for saving data from this game

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On 9/18/2015 at 8:01 PM, DeathMarine said:

Sexy Beach Premium Resort

Info Link

Direct Download

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part1.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part2.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part3.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part4.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part5.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part6.rar from Rabid Files

Download [OHG] Sexy Beach Premium Resort.part7.rar from Rabid Files

Download Sexy Beach Premium Resort HF Patch.exe from Rabid Files

Sexy Beach Premium Resort HF Patch version 0.2 includes:

Translations Launcher v1.0.0.11 by MegaKameha

Studio Items 150912 by Vincent119 UI Translation v0.7 by akyryz Updated!

UI Translations 150917 by bluuuesy , Dark Pulse , De Ugly One , DillDoe , Lewton , Saigono , psymon2 , Triple D , Warakia8912 , Xtremee Uncensors Female Tripel Uncensor [v0.2] by FutaBoy , uncenone and profundis Updated! Uncenone Texture Fix 1024 & Pubic Hair Fix 150917 by NanooNaoo New! Male Maker Uncensor 150821 by SysTPP (ONLY works for nude male!, press '-' to undress) XXX Games Cheats 100% Story Save + All item v2.1 by sheunghko



Thanks for this! This game is seriously perfect ;] <3

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On 13/12/2015 at 3:20 AM, DeathMarine said:

it's not a scam. The site keeps my sites from being flooded with ads, tons of redirect links, misleading links like i see other places do.

if you dont like the speed then buy a premium account

please reply my coment upstair :(

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I'm dling now, 3 MBs, many seeders.  Hopefully it works.  I would still grab the translation file above just to try and get that to work as well.

On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2016 at 10:57 PM, resi_denevil said:

is the translation in the HF Patch, because I found a torrent but its in Japanese.

I'm sure the install is in Japanese because they only made the game for use in Japan.  I think the HF patch will convert the language.  I'm going to give it a try based on the torrent that I posted.

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