4th of July Weekend Special Offer!

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Decided to have a 4th of July Weekend Special Offer! This is for July 2nd through July 4th ONLY!


For any subscription you sign up to on Rabifiles i'll offer you double the amount of dlsite content! So if you get a 4.99 subscription, i'll get you $10 worth in dlsite content! anime/games/manga! if you sign up for 9.99 you get $20, 19.99 you get $40 and 49.99 you get $100 in dlsite content!


Just forward me your proof of purchase from Rabidfiles to and the links to the content you want! I'll upload them to Rabidfiles where you can put your new account to use and download them fast!


Please don't delay! Only a certain amount was set aside and once it's gone the promotion is over! So get yours as soon as you can!


**THIS APPLIES TO ONLY!!! and not their japanese site!**

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