Honey Select ハニーセレクト

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Once again, brilliant work, m'lord!


Quick question for y'all though. Is anyone else getting a 1308 or 1309 error when they try to install?




UPDATE: Well, apparently a simple 5 second google search says that having disk 1 and disk 2 mounted in different drives causes this. If you have the same issue, just mount disk 1 until it asks for 2, and then mount disk 2 in that same drive.

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I'm a lazy idiot.

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Creating characters is obviously half the fun, but if you find yourself looking for something in particular you can hit up the "Illusion Cards" website:


Hopefully it's alright to link somewhere like that, but let me know if not (Or just delete, I suppose!).


Some characters will require things like the Wide Slider mod and special add-on packs...  if you don't have those, be prepared for a little nightmare fuel.  You might feel like you've stepped out of Honey Select and straight into your own Silent Hill.


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