[ENG] Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion

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Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion





Game ISO includes:


  • Artificial Girl 3
  • Artificial Girl 3 Privilege Disc
  • Artificial Girl 3 Hannari
  • Artificial Girl 3 Hannari Privilege Disc


Clothes Add-On:

  • Valentine
  • Esk & Bael
  • Christmas
  • Pants Festival (All 29 models)



With HF Patch 1.0:


English Translations

  • Interface Mod v1.0 by wurlox 
  • Subtitles by AG3 Translation Team compiled by roguefiend 
  • Location Icons 2.0 96x96 by zhaul 
  • Launchers v4.3 by Hentaijin 
  • Illusion Subtitle Overlay v1.0 by ScumSuckingPig 


  • Girl Animated Pussy by unknown (fix by hereaus )
  • Guy Uncensor (choose one)
  • Regular Guy by Bokka, Madman71, Potman  & unknown
  • Lesbian School Girl (Haruhi) by FutaBoy 
  • Futanari Teacher (Mizuho Kazami) by FutaBoy 
  • Guy Position Fix 1.6 by radware59 & hereaus 


  • Color Skin Custom Compilation by twinangel  & unknown
  • Idol Eyes 1.1 (upjs3mod1920) by unknown uploaded by firefly4f4 
  • Clothing TGA fix (upjs3mod1032) by unknown posted by wurlox 
  • Cum Shot Improvement (upjs3mod1068) by unknown
  • Pants Fix by hereaus 
  • Humanized Head (ModifyFace) by Anoyan uploaded by tmvaegis  (Fix by hereaus)
  • Animations Modified V1.1 + update by jinshi0 
  • Super Squirt (upjs3mod0539) by unknown posted by wurlox 

Location Improvements

  • Bathroom v1.0 by Darziel 
  • Guest Room v1.0 by Darziel 
  • Guy's Room v1.1 by Darziel 
  • Hallway + Toilet v1.0 by Darziel 
  • Japanese Room Remodel v1.0 by wurlox 
  • Kitchen_Diner v1.0 by Darziel 
  • Mansion Hall v1.0 by Darziel 
  • Master Bed Room v1.0 by firefly4f4 
  • Utility Room v1.0 by Darziel 

Showcase Girls

  • Aayla: Twi’lek Jedi Knight by DillDoe 
  • Elektra the Cat by FutaBoy 
  • Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum by ketzalcoat 
  • Margaux: Fashion model 10/25/13 by hereaus , tmvaegis, markantony & unknown


  • Illusion Wizzard for AG3 by darkhound 
  • Doggy Mod B by hiro1919jm (hug from behind and she will fall)


[] Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion.torrent

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