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Also, there are some manga I can't seem to remember.

-Diancie manga where she is raped by, I think, a Conkeldurr

-a manga of 2 lolis finding some guy living in a box or tent, near a river, by a bridge(?); (What happens next is obvious); Then an adult (1 of their mothers?) finds them, so the 2 girls hold the lady off & tells the guy to escape; Then, at home, they become yuri

-this 1 was actually 1 story from a long manga, & what I'm talking about happens somewhere in the middle: This 1 loli lives in a guy's closet, & they do it frequently. But then she grows up, & has bigger breasts, & they do it less often. When she cries about this, the guy confesses his love.

-a brother & sister (both seem like high schoolers) play a strip game; at the end, the sister says that they may have gotten too careless, as the mother found her panties, & told her of how her brother used it.

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forgot these, too

-there was this floating stuffed(?) creature, like Kyubey, w/ a wad of cash is its hands, saying that prostitution is profitable; when the girl says she wishes she had more cash, the creature slams the money into the ground, & tells her to pick it up. The manga was pink when I saw it.

-what's the original, unrewrited version of http://www.aerisdies.com/html/lb/douj_8143_1.html

-Sakura (from CardCaptor Sakura) looks out her window, & sees Rika & her teacher having sex by a tree.

-a manga where boys voted for girls by "voting" inside of them

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-a manga where a loli is w/ this guy, & 1 day, while they are doing it, he finally asks why she loves him. She says she doesn't know. After that, he hasn't been w/ her, or even heard from her, for a very long time, so he got his life together (or just study harder; Maybe). Then the loli came out of nowhere, & told him what she was up to that whole time.

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