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Invincible Goddess Beauty

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Invincible Goddess may have super powers, but now that she's been possessed by a human spirit, she's far too impotent to arrest her personal demon, who violates her with impunity. And, although stubborn resistance only increases her torment, the hapless heroine refuses to concede defeat even to the very bitter end.


As you'll see, Nene Fujimori isn't endowed with large breasts, butt she does have a nice ass and the camera gives us many close up views. Of course, as many of you know, the Japs normally blur our view of male and female genitals; a technique I find VERY annoying. IMO, clothing is a far more natural method of concealment. In this video, the heroine's costume is torn just enough to expose her small breasts, while a slender thong affords us a generous view of her shapely buttocks. Most importantly, her vagina remains covered, even during simulated copulation. Although, I would have preferred a sheer, see-through fabric instead of an opaque blue patch.


MKV (720 x 480) 1:04:58, 770 Mb




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