Ero Trap NTR Dungeon Z (JAP)

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Title / タイトル: エロトラップNTRダンジョンZ
Brand / ブランド: 肩こりです
Release / 販売日: 2018/03/19
File size / ファイル容量: 35MB
The two who swore love crown a nasty trapCan I escape the dungeon safely …?
SynopsisHeroine · Mia and his boyfriend Ryan to give a wedding ceremonyTo go to the village of Ryan’s hometown.In order to make a shortcut it was supposed to go through the tunnel in the wayActually the tunnel was a terrible place …!
■ Game contentsI will proceed to avoid trapping the dungeons full of traps with two people.When you get into a trap, Miah will be in your eyes.Will it change to Miia ‘s situation … if it is too close to your eyes?And ending changes.
■ Character· MiaA genius who climbed up to the kingdom knight captain with impossible youth.He retired from the knight while being missed because he was married.Even though it is an innocent Loli face, the body is growing up on the contrary.
RyanA young man without stupid things with stupid fucking with stupid fuck.Miya’s fiance. Mia is very popular but why this guyWhether it was elected is a mystery of the kingdom.
· Everyone in the OrderAlmost no turn.
· Everyone of the bandits(Depending on the route) to make a big success.

Download Game Here

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