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Hmm, after having played a little, this reminds me VERY much of a game which also uses Flash, called 'Hizashi no Naka REAL', the H scenes were very similar to this, 'cept it had a little more gameplay involved (still only a little though ;) ). Neat little game, I recommend it to anyone who likes this. =D

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is the download only part of the game

because in the gallery there were lots of empty slots?

The empty slots are the same H scenes, but different depending on what clothing you take off. She'll have the following: no clothing, skirt only, shirt only, both skirt and shirt on.

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This game is a personal favourit since quite a while back. Great animations and all, so I reccomend it to all. And i'll buy it ASAP, in other words, when i get to japan in the end of this month.

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