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Hita Ga Ta Ruins

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Vague Game Description by White Masq

An action-RPG? Nice! In ancient times, in a feudal land, seven clans battle for supremacy and the royal family's favor. There is a tale of legendary weapons called "Makurium", but their existence is considered that of myth. Perhaps to find a way to cease the warring without bloodshed, the princess decrees that she will marry whoever of the seven clans finds any real proof of these weapons. This of course puts those in power in an uproar as they scramble to find them. However, it just so turns out that our hero stumbles upon such a weapon...in the shape of a girl?! Well, if getting an audience and proving her worth isn't enough, all the clansmen are rearing to invade one another again.


How much you enjoy Hita Ga Ta Ruins depends on what your expectations are when you play it. I was surprised when I found out it is more an action RPG with H- elements instead of a straight ADV H-Game.

The main characters in this game are a knight and his partner. Your partner is an adorable girl who turns out to be some kind of magical weapon. She is like Chi from Chobits. From the moment you find her she is joined to you at the hip. Apparently your pint sized partner is causing quite a stir among the different groups in the game. The supporting characters are your usual bunch of beautiful women. Being an H-game the main character manages to nail each one of them while saving the kingdom, of course. If you want to go deeper into the plot you

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