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Vague Game Description by White Masq

Touya, our hero, has lost his mother in a fire at the research hospital where his father and she worked. Ten years have passed and Touya has been living a more than normal life despite the circumstances. Luckily he has caring family and friends who've been quite supportive in dealing with his emotional scars. One day he spots a strange woman he could've sworn he met somewhere before. As if drawn to her he runs after her. Upon confrontation he realizes that the woman is indeed his mother--yet she attacks him as if she is no longer the person she was. Suddenly he's saved by another strange woman bearing a sword, she is seeking answers to what transpired ten years ago as well.

"Shut the Hell Up, WM, and Show Me the Keywords": Sci-Fi Mystery with Bad-ass, Sword-Carrying, Esper(?) Women and Schoolgirls





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