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Doujin manga and game download shop - DLsite English

I've downloaded the first JAV-video, and got an avi, but what are these other files:



I have no idea, what's these are for, and to my disappointment the video is censored.

lg harzwichtel

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that happens because the scumbags at bitcomet make it that way. if you make a torrent file with bitcomet and open it with any other client you get those "advertising" files.

yeah, it is censored thats what [CEN] means

can you gues what [uNCEN] means?

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I like asian girls... apart from their hairy ****yes... but JAVs are funny, at least this one was... it is more cute than a european or an american porn...

Oh and when and if you have the choice... fight censorship... it's a crime! Bush should be censored whenever he opens his mouth... a 7 year old kid gets more disturbed watching him speak than watching JAVs!!!

Thanks for the release :wub:

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She's cute... erm... but I'm rather particualr when it comes to sizable breasts/arioles ratio. ><;

Her arioles are slightly too large. x_x

Meh... I'll still prolly download the JAV though. xP

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I think this JAV's been too un-recognized.

Idea: We ALL start downloading this to the point where we max out download speeds for anyone who stumples along.

Can you imagine? on a 2 mbps speed thats 757/2... which is 378.5 seconds. The amount of time it should take you to floss, shower, shave, and lube it up!

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I know a site that let you direct download JAV such as Yuma Asami and numerous other actress. If DM allows I could post the site or just the direct download of the JAVs.

Did you read the rules?

Sounds like you did not.

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